Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tunes Tuesday: "Message of Love" The Pretenders

Thursday, April 28, 2016

#ThrowBackThursday - Tattoo Planning

I still haven't gotten this as a tattoo - though I still want to. Do you have any tats?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tunes Tuesday: "Let 'em Say" by Lizzo

This one was shared with my by a coworker, and it's fantastic. Have some positivity for your morning, folks!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wilde Feature: Amy Chichester of Rubix Apparel

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I Am Unicorn t-shirt (my personal favorite)

How long have you been selling online? What got you started? 
I'm very new to the online business community - I launched my store Rubix Apparel only 4 weeks ago! I've been planning to do it for a long time, but getting caught up in the day job. Then I decided that 2016 would be the year to stop delaying! I'm only just starting to make some sales, and I know that it won't be easy to make Rubix successful. But it's so so satisfying when somebody loves one of your designs enough to want to buy or wear it that it's worth all the effort, even with only a few sales so far. And I really love the feeling that I'm creating something that will touch the lives of loads of different people around the world - I've already dispatched orders to Australia and Israel!

Hex graphic tshirt

What's your favorite thing to draw/make/create? 
I love clean, modern geometric designs, in bright colours. I especially like patterns that have a hypnotic effect, kind of like an optical illusion - for example, my Hex design. I also love designs that have a clever or unexpected twist to them. For example, emphasizing the upwards arrow on my t-shirt "Up" is meant to make people feel positive. And my Maze design is a real maze, so you've got a ready-made method to entertain yourself should you have time to kill! At the moment I'm doing designs for men's t-shirts, because I find that they're more of a flexible, blank canvas than other items - as a designer you get the opportunity to think about both making things look nice and also making them clever or funny so that they appeal to people's personalities. I hope to expand into cushions at some point - the designs for those will mostly be more visual and less quirky.

Handprint graphic tshirt

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling? 
I'm constantly inspired by everything around me - my friends despair of me photographing things I spot in the street that I want to make sure I don't forget! I get really excited by perspective and how 3D objects can be represented so easily in 2D if you understand the angles. And I love that there are literally limitless things out there to design - we're only limited by our own imagination and the time that we can put in! It can be disheartening sometimes when you have an idea that you think will be really cool and then you try to create it and it just doesn't look as good as you expected. But I know even when that happens that I'm learning, and often even the failed attempt at one design will morph into something else cool.

Night Planes tshirt

What item in your shop are you most excited about? Why? 
To be honest I'm pretty excited about all the items in my shop given that they're all so new!!! There are a lot of different styles on the website from eye-catching statement pieces like Hashtag and Handprint through to more subtle designs like This Way Up. It's a tough one but I think probably my favourite design is Night Planes because I love the contrasting colours against the black background.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tunes Tuesday: "Wake Up Call" Maroon 5

Friday, April 15, 2016

Wilde Feature: Cristie of #QtsyLife

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Winged Heart - this necklace is so gorgeous!
How long have you been selling online? What got you started?
I have been selling online for four solid years now. My shop was created out of need and love. My daughter and I were displaced due to domestic violence, and I was forced to start my life over again. I am a graphic designer, but the hours I needed to work would not allow me to be there for my daughter. After trying very hard to juggle a 9-5 as well as be a mother and a father, I decided something had to change. It was not working. I started working as a virtual assistant, but my daughter wasn't in school yet and trying to explain to a three year old she needed to be quiet for hours is impossible. I began to evaluate myself. I needed to find something I could do at home, and I wanted it to be something I loved. I love crafting, and I like to make things that put smiles on people's faces. I started very small, selling only to friends, and then my friends convinced me to start a shop. I took their advice, and here I am! Besides finding a way to survive, I wanted to show my daughter that you can do anything in life. No matter what happens you pick yourself up and keep on moving. I also wanted to show her the importance of doing something you love, as well as making sure you have time for the people you love just the same. I'm still working to improve, but I am also very proud of where I am. I use to be embarrassed of my story, of the reasons I started my shop. Now I have realized I have nothing to be ashamed of, and maybe in telling people the reason I began selling my crafts I could help someone else realize they too can follow their dreams.

Tinkerbell Ribbon Sculpture Hair Bow - too cute!

What's your favorite thing to draw/make/create?
My favorite thing to create are ribbon sculptures. To take some pieces of ribbon, give them a body, and make them come to life is absolutely magical to me. Cheesy I know, but I love it!

Love Sweets Hair Bow - sweets for the sweet!

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling? 
My daughter is my inspiration, my drive, and my spirit. I throw every ounce of myself into my work because I have these little eyes forever watching me. Even if I say nothing, she is constantly learning from my actions.

Pink Flowers Stretchband

What item in your shop are you most excited about? Why?
The ribbon sculptures are my favorite items!! Although I have a hard time getting them into my shop. I post everything on social media before I put it in my shop to allow my followers to see them first, and they usually go fast. I like the ribbon sculptures the most because it's something I completely design. It's not just a ribbon tied into a cute little bow, to me it's a work of art. It may be small but they take a lot of time and effort. It's probably the most difficult thing I make, so that too could be why I'm so proud of them.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

#TBT Creative Women's Conference

Throwback Thursday to my VERY FIRST in person selling experience at the Creative Women's Conference in Denton, Texas. It was also my first time being a guest at a conference. Also? It was amazing.

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