Freebie Friday: Spring Has Sprung Wallpaper

Spring has sprung, and it's time to celebrate! Whether it's warm where you are or not, there's no reason not to enjoy this adorably festive spring wallpaper. It's Friday, so celebrate with something free. All you have to do is click below.
Click to Download this Friday Freebie
You'll be redirected to my shop for download. Don't worry, there's no charge - it's totally free to download, so have fun! If you want to share the wallpaper, you're welcome to, just link back to this blog entry or to I'm all for spreading the love. Note: while sharing is welcome and encouraged, sale is not. This is a freebie created by me for my friends and customers, and resale is a no-no. 

Spooky Cute


Tunes Tuesday: "White Flag" Dido


Wigs Don't Have to be Fake

This is a sponsored post for Divatress. All opinions are, as usual, entirely mine.

As my cosplay life has gone on, I’ve come to realize that wigs will be part of things. I’ve resisted them for a long time. I was a holdout. I wanted to cosplay things I could do with my own hair, darn it! The thing is, that limited both my haircut choices and my color choices. Now that I’m working primarily from home for my day job, I can get a little crazier with both, and that is the incentive I needed to finally take the plunge. 
Now I’m shopping for wigs. I agonize over the prices because I am, at heart, a cheap person who still likes to splurge on random things. It’s a tenuous balance.

 Thus far most of mine have come from Amazon, mostly on the discount side, but the more I’m using wigs, the more I’ve been doing research into what wigs are really good and not just really cheap. One site that came up is Divatress. Maybe it’s silly, but the idea of using actual human hair wigs never crossed my min…

Tunes Tuesday: Sarah McLachlan

You are ALWAYS good enough.

Love Wins by Wilde Designs


Freebie Friday: Ninth Doctor Bookmarks

What's better than a good book? A good book with a great bookmark to keep your place. Download this file (totally FREE), print the bookmarks out on your favorite card stock, and cut them out to have your very own Whovian bookmarks on hand at all times. 
This set features the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Jack Harkness in all their glory. For extra durability, laminate the finished product!