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Michael Jackson Tribute

This didn't come out *exactly* how I intended... mostly in that I couldn't photograph the glittered mirror and ended up trying to scan it with saran wrap over it and... well, anyway. The base image was done in pencil, then I used watercolor pencils to do the color. Despite the purple tint, it's actually white glitter that was used on the mirror. I'll update this entry in the future if I'm able to get a better picture/scan that does this justice since I think it's much cooler than it looks here. Either way, I like to think it's a simple, nice tribute. Sappy as it may be, I'm quite a fan of "Man in the Mirror," and the video for that song came on right as I started drawing the piece, so I choose to take that as a good sign :)


I finally got the magnets up and photographed. I think they are officially one of the hardest items to photograph so far. heh Took me a bit of tweaking in Photoshop before the colors looked true to life. But they are now up in my Buttons & Magnets section and looking (if I do say so myself) awesome!


Home sick and feeling awful today, but I did take some time to redo some photos, especially on my jewelry, in my Etsy shop. In addition, I listed two new photos yesterday - here and here, plus relisted a bunch of other stuff. Took some magnet photos as well, and I'll try to get those up in a bit. I'll let you guys know when I do. Yeah, I'm sure you're absolutely thrilled by the very idea ;)

I should have my Michael Jackson tribute thing-y done by later today. I got most of it done last night, just haven't added the glitter. heh It's going to be a painting with the obvious extra cool addition of some glitter.

Blog Feature!

I am the featured seller of the week at Mad for Minerals! Please stop by, read, and comment! Show some love to an awesome blog... and, y'know, me :)

New Etsy Buttons?

I'd like to add some new buttons to the line up in my Etsy shop... and I'd like some suggestions! I have most of my pieces (art, photography, design) up at I'd love it if you would take a look over there and let me know if anything particularly strikes you as, well, button worthy! heh

Silver Glitter

I know this may sound silly and ridiculous, but Michael Jackson dying has made me want to do some kind of artistic tribute. I always think first of black leather and silver gloves and such, so... I want to do something using silver glitter. Yes, random, I know, but... that's how my brain works. Any thoughts?

Do you Google Yourself?

I definitely do Google searches for my name and, more often, my username on Etsy. I've found several blog features and such that I never would have known about otherwise. More often than not, it's a mention of the Barbie Murders -

Anybody else get all dorky and go searching for their own stuff out in the virtual world?

NOTE: Today I found a blog featuring my Columbia Button here. Nifty! And two blog entries in German that I can't even read here and here! Also, a blog entry on Barbie Murders here. Now a Spanish entry I can't read here! lol And this one in... is it Spanish as well?... here.

Packaging Magnets?

I've made some of those cute little magnets using various papers and magazine cut-outs and glass "beads". I'd been seeing them all over, and was in love. Still am! But I'd like to look at selling some of them in my Etsy shop, and I'm just not sure what the nicest way to package/present them is. Any thoughts?

Most Etsy shops just seem to have a picture of the magnets laid out on paper or fabric but no real indication of how they are packaged or shipped.

New Twitter & Monthly Craft Day

I finally decided to start a Twitter account for my art and craft stuff so that folks who are interested can read about it and folks who aren't don't have to get notifications. But all the Etsy folks and fellow artists and crafters can see and hear about all that I'm up to. If anyone is interested, that's located at

Wes and I have decided that since we have a gorgeous craft room, we need to start doing at least a monthly craft on the weekends. I think this weekeend, we're going to start with finishing off stretching fabric on canvas for an art project. They'll be going in the same room as the bench with pillows, and I think it's going to look awesome once we get it done.

ModCreations blog feature

Yay! It's always exciting when someone with an awesome shop themselves shows you some love. Check out the feature at ModCreations' blog!

Awesome Treasury

My Crimson & White piece is featured in a *gorgeous* treasury! Check it out at Great stuff even apart from my work :P

Creative Ventures

I currently have a few cool ventures in the pipeline that I'm excited about (go me!):

• I'm restarting my logo blog at and should be getting a new entry up tonight. Finally!

• I'll be doing a photoshoot with an awesomely beautiful friend tomorrow and am PSYCHED since it's been forever since I did a real shoot and she's going to be a brilliant model. I know.

• Third, said friend is working on a creative venture of her own, and I'm going to be doing some a spiffy flyer mock-up for her that I'm actually hoping to start on at least in part today. :: happy dance ::

Redone Bench & Pillows

The bench came from my boyfriend's mom's house. It was a neat design, but the finish was grody, and it was just... dated. And a little sad. But we covered it in an inexpert paint job of black, and that made a world of difference. Now it sits in our entryway under a mirror I got from my mom since she didn't like it. The pillows were originally destined to be covered in Spiderman fabric as a gift for a friend, but it never came to be, and instead I used some fabric we purchased for another not-yet-complete art project to make a couple pretty pillows for it. Altogether, a big improvement. Now we can set our grocery bags there in an attempt not to forget them on the way out of the house. heh

Violet Treasury

I'm featured in a rather lovely treasury at the moment located here. Check it out! Especially ideal if you're a fan of purple :D

Cabinet Redo

We had a really ugly, cheap old Wal-Mart cabinet that fit perfectly in a space where we wanted to have a little extra storage out in the loft area. So the project became to make it less... well, less hideously ugly.

First, the before:

Like I said, boring and ugly. So we decided to cover the doors with some scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, fabric... something more attractive. A trip to Michaels yielded great results, and we picked up some paper we decided was perfect. I used spray mount to attach it, then decided to use Mod Podge to seal it. Sadly the Mod Podge made the paper buckle (someday I will learn to NEVER touch the stuff), but Wes insisted that it just added to the cool distressed look of the paper.

And... voila!

IKEA Magazine Holders

I couldn't find exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted in terms of magazine holders even at IKEA, so I got some plain wood ones there and decided I would stencil something onto them. I had paint and stencils already, so... why not?

I don't have a before shot, but all I did was tape the stencils down and then paint, wait for them to dry, then move them... nothing too fancy. But the outcome is really lovely, I think.


Side & Spine:

Side & Front:

Miss Black Essence

*Note: I'm reposting a couple old entries from my other blog, so forgive me if this is a repeat for you!

This one was fun to work on. I haven't gotten approval yet, but I'm hopeful. The sorority isn't scared of color and general fun and funkiness, so that means I got to get a little crazy with it. They specifically requested black and hot pink, so we were on a good wavelength right from the beginning. The tiara was done with a stock photo and LiveTrace in Illustrator, the flourishes and banners came from free vector stock from Vecteezy. The serif font is Minion, and the free script font is, I believe, Marchelle.

UPDATE: Good news! The ladies like it, and it looks like they'll be using the design with only a couple small text changes. :: does a happy dance ::

Blog Recommendation

My friend Caty's! She mostly does patterns for wallpaper, fabric, etc., and I personally find it quite inspirational: