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Vintage-y Crafting

First of all, sorry for the lack of Tweeting and posting this week. It's a very, very busy week at work... but that's a good thing since the days pass quickly, and I'm getting a lot done, which makes me feel productive.

I've been playing episodes of Road to Avonlea via YouTube in the background while I work. Now I naturally want my hair to be long enough to put up in pretty buns and to have lots of gorgeous vintage clothes. But what I am hoping is that I can maybe start getting some more jewelry together for Wilde Designs since expanding my skillset there is something I really want to do. I already have some pretty gothic earrings (they're neat and dangly - almost shoulder-length) to put up, I just need to get a picture of them I'm actually satisfied with. lol And who knows? Maybe the Avonlea-watching will inspire still more fun crafty-ness if I can come up with something.

Manic Monday Feature

Etsy Shop | Blog
It's a fine art kind of week for the Manic Monday feature because Krystyna does absolutely beautiful figure studies. Some are simple black and white pieces while others absolutely explode with color. Not *all* are figure studies, of course, those just happen to be some of my favorites. Just looking at her work makes you want to pick up some charcoal and make your friends sit still for awhile so that you can try to capture the same sort of life and beauty.
The pieces don't come cheap, and they honestly shouldn't. Original works like this deserve a place of honor in somebody's home, and I hope that eventually every single one finds it!
Manic Monday features are scheduled through August 17th, so if you'd like to be featured in the future, please just let me know! Reply with your shop, blog, whatever you want linked :)

New Shop & First Pics

The light box is going to be a learning experience, I can tell already. lol Indoor lighting is definitely not my strong suit. To start, I think I need brighter bulbs for the lamps we're using. Then there's the fact that I'm still learning to use alternate backgrounds (y'know, not just flat, boring white). Lots to learn, but I'll get there.

For those who have been waiting with baited breath, the pictures here are the first ones we've done in the light box and also the first of products from our new shop! Yay! Power Ups is officially up and running! And, yes, we will definitely have more than just Pac Man eventually, but it was a good, basic placef or us to start our journey with learning to manipulate the clay. I'd love to know what you guys think of the stuff and of the new shots since it may influence how we do it down the line :)


I'd love to pretend that this was born out of us being bright or clever... but we just took advice from online tutorials we'd read and covered the inside of a cardboard box with white paper. lol I haven't used it yet (the inaugural photos will be taken tomorrow to get new earrings up in my shop and start off our new shop), but I have high hopes!


We got a bunch of stuff almost ready for making jewelry for the new shop. I may finish it off with varnish later tonight. I also made a new pair of earrings for my main shop. Hopefully I'll get them photographed and up tomorrow or Sunday. Feeling very accomplished at the moment.

I'm also having brunch with friends tomorrow, plus then we're driving down to meet someone to pick up two new rats. They're girls just under a year old, and awwwww. heheh

Etsy Mini & Featured Items

Since I just figured out the connection not long ago, I figure I'm not the only one in the dark. Just so you know, your Etsy mini pulls images first from your featured items. After that, it lists things in the order they were posted in your shop. So depending on how you have your Etsy mini set up, as long as you select as many featured items as you have images shown in it, you have TOTAL control of what sort of "treasury" of your items you're showing off!

Productive Week

Finally finishing off a couple projects at work that I've been working on for awhile. Some still aren't done, and these aren't yet fully approved... but they're handed off awaiting approval, so I'm hopeful. First off we have the Cultural Connections Conference postcard. My only guidelines were that it represent the global theme, be bright and colorful and have a good range of ethnicities represented in the photo. My boss was lovely enough to take the photo, and it turned out wonderfully!

Secondly there's the Maroon & White Block Party flyer. Again, not a lot of direction, so I got to really have fun. Initially my idea for this was more cute and fluffy... but then I looked at one of my thumbnails and decided to go a totally different direction. And started right on over. lol But I'm glad I did since I'm much happier with it now.

Yes! Treasury

I'm feeling pretty darn buzzy today, so forgive me if I gush, but I'm in another treasury! This one was put together by The Lost Earring, and the stuff is truly and completely cool. Please take a moment to check it out and comment!

Sparkpeople on Etsy Treasury!

My wood bead bracelet with pink accents is included in the Sparkpeople on Etsy treasury! It's a great, fun treasury with lots of different types and styles of items. Check it out!

Also, if you're working to lose weight or get fit or whatnot, I highly recommend looking over It's free, and there's some great people and groups on it to help with the support structure!
EDIT: Glad I got a screenshot since I don't seem to be in this one anymore :(

Manic Monday Feature

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If you're looking for light, lovely colors to keep summer going year round, this seller's shop is absolutely the place for you! The items all show, as she puts it herself, "the laid back style of Northern California," and I dare you to look at the lovely items featured without falling at least a little bit in love :)

Coming Soon...

We did fun things today including making a light box, which I've wanted to do for a long while (expect new shots in my shop before too long, I'm sure). We also got a start on making things for the geeky shop we (we being my boyfriend and I) will be opening together soon. It's super cute so far, and I'm pretty thrilled. Add to that the new jewelry I'll be making with the stuff from Michaels yesterday and it has been an awesomely crafty weekend! I wish I could stay home and play with it all tomorrow, but work beckons. Silly Mondays! But look for a new Manic Monday feature tomorrow to take the edge off ;)


We bought stuff! We went to Michaels today, which naturally meant talk of crafting and the purchasing of stuff. I bought things to make at least two pairs of earrings and one earring and necklace set... maybe even a bracelet. I'm excited about the idea of getting s'more jewelry done.

Then we also got some new items for the Etsy shop my boyfriend and I are working on together, which will be focused entirely on geeky, fun stuff. I'm really excited right now. We'll hopefully be starting getting some stuff ready tomorrow. :: crosses fingers ::


My main goal for the weekend is to get the canvases I covered with fabric hung this weekend. I'd love to get some other art-y and craft-y stuff done too... and maybe even start going through the boxes I'm currently storing in the craftroom... but we shall see. Gotta keep the goals modest so that I don't fail to get so many of them done ;)

What are your goals for the weekend, crafty or otherwise?

New Necklace

I got my brand new necklace from The Silver Dog on Monday evening, and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately I hate two days of orientation and having to wear a particular set of clothes to match everyone else in my department. But today I was free. FREE! And so I got to pull my new necklace out and take it for a spin around the block... and I cannot overemphasize how much I love it. It's girly and striking without being too frilly or overwhelming, it's light, it's comfortable, it didn't shift around and end up at the back of my neck by the end of the day (that drives me nuts). Awesome!

Etsy Banners

For those folks out there who sell pre-made Etsy banners where you have a design for a banner and avatar set and then you put their name on it... a few ?s. It's something I've thought of doing, but I'd love to have an idea of what works, what people have liked, etc. before I consider diving in:

1) Do you sell the same set multiple times, or to one seller only? 2) Have they sold well for you? Or is it just a sideline in your shop? It would likely be a sideline in mine, but that's neither here nor there. 3) What do you charge? Different prices for different designs? Same across the board? 4) What kinds of designs have been most successful for you (ie cute vs. gothic vs. retro, etc.)?
Thanks to any and all who reply! Whether I decide to do it or not, I'm completely curious to hear folks' thoughts about this one. I've done custom banner & button sets in the past, but this seems a lot less time consuming while still giving folks access to nice, unique desig…

Blog Feature!

And a wonderful, amazing, funny one at that. I was featured by Snowbell Handmade Jewelry and she sent me an awesomely amusing set of interview questions, plus said some super, super sweet things about my work. Please check it out here and comment to let her know she did a great job!

Summer Bronze Treasury

My illustration LFM to Save the World has been included in a gorgeous Summer Bronze Etsy treasury! Please check it out and show a little love for all the artists featured if you have a moment.

Manic Monday Feature

It's time once again for Manic Monday!

Tess Davison | Vanille Vintage

You start with the great style and end up with great photos to boot. Tess's Vinille Vintage shop has it all and then some! Every item is obviously carefully selected both for quality and for cool factor, and it adds up to beautiful selections and a lot of fun for anyone who has a taste for fun and funky vintage.

Crafting Organization

This blog is amazing. It makes me want to leave work, drive home, and start organizing things. NOW! I hope they keep going with it and can't wait to see what else they do!

My Laptop

I would never have such an awesome laptop if it wasn't for my boyfriend. We were standing at the booth at A-Kon (an anime convention in Dallas), and loving pretty much everything Stickerella had to offer. He got a decal for his car, and I was faced with a dilemma. My car is a lease, so I didn't want to decorate it. But he pointed out that my laptop was awfully boring looking... and so, my AWESOME Cthulu laptop was born :) Check her stuff out. Now, seriously. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and the weird white spot in the eye? That's the e from eMachine, not a flaw in the sticker.

My Favorites

Y'know, in case somebody wants to buy me a present. lol

"Favorites" Treasury

Another set of my magnets got included in an absolutely lovely treasury. Yay! Many thanks to
La Portraitiste for including me! Also be sure to check out her blog here.

Manic Monday Feature

It's time for the first ever weekly Manic Monday feature. I figure Monday's a painful day, and we all need something to look forward to - myself included!

Featured Artist: Dongedy
Blog | Etsy Shop
I'm a fan of unique. A BIG fan of unique. And Dongedy hits all the right buttons on that score.
She is a French photographer with a penchant for fascinating images done using minis that cover everything from surreal to sweet. The colors are bright an unusual and the images are endlessly fascinating. Do NOT miss checking out both her blog and shop linked above. I promise that you won't be disappointed for a second.

Fire & Ice Treasury

One of my new magnet sets is featured in an absolutely gorgeous Etsy treasury located here. Please check it out, comment, and click to show me and the other folks in it that it was worth the effort! hehe Plus there's just some truly gorgeous stuff.

Glitter Coating?

I got some inspiration for a piece of jewelry today, but I wanted to ask for some advice first. I'm wanting to coat part of a safety pin in glitter as one part of the piece. I'm considering using mod podge to stick the glitter on initially, but once it dries, what would be best to use to coat it so the glitter doesn't just rub/fall off again? Would just putting mod podge over it once it dries be best? heh If anyone's ever done anything similar and has any advice, I'd be thrilled to have it! :)

Featured Shop/Blog/Etc.

Beginning next Monday, I'd like to do a weekly feature on a blog/shop/etc. that is particularly spiffy. I'm fine with choosing myself, but if any of you are particularly eager to see what I think of your stuff and get a little extra publicity, please reply here and let me know! Also specify whether you want a feature on your blog or your shop... or both! And throw in any Twitter or other URLs you might want plugged :)

Blog Feature

The awesome Shannon Marie Ferguson has featured me on her lovely photography blog here! Please check it out and let her know she chose well ;) It's always so neat seeing that other folks enjoy seeing my work and think it's as much fun as I do. hehe

Watching the Detectives Treasury

My Barbie Murders 04 picture is featured in a really rocking treasury this morning! You can check it out here. Be sure to comment and click on stuff to bump it up in the ratings :D There's some really great stuff to look at - even the stuff that isn't mine. hehe

Blog Mention

Stacey from Stuff for Kitty and You was sweet enough to feature one of my Barbie Murders photos in her newest blog entry! Check it out and make sure she doesn't regret it ;)