Etsy Banners

For those folks out there who sell pre-made Etsy banners where you have a design for a banner and avatar set and then you put their name on it... a few ?s. It's something I've thought of doing, but I'd love to have an idea of what works, what people have liked, etc. before I consider diving in:

1) Do you sell the same set multiple times, or to one seller only?
2) Have they sold well for you? Or is it just a sideline in your shop? It would likely be a sideline in mine, but that's neither here nor there.
3) What do you charge? Different prices for different designs? Same across the board?
4) What kinds of designs have been most successful for you (ie cute vs. gothic vs. retro, etc.)?

Thanks to any and all who reply! Whether I decide to do it or not, I'm completely curious to hear folks' thoughts about this one. I've done custom banner & button sets in the past, but this seems a lot less time consuming while still giving folks access to nice, unique designs.

Also started a thread about it on Etsy here if anyone prefers the forums to replying to this blog post :)