Vintage-y Crafting

First of all, sorry for the lack of Tweeting and posting this week. It's a very, very busy week at work... but that's a good thing since the days pass quickly, and I'm getting a lot done, which makes me feel productive.

I've been playing episodes of Road to Avonlea via YouTube in the background while I work. Now I naturally want my hair to be long enough to put up in pretty buns and to have lots of gorgeous vintage clothes. But what I am hoping is that I can maybe start getting some more jewelry together for Wilde Designs since expanding my skillset there is something I really want to do. I already have some pretty gothic earrings (they're neat and dangly - almost shoulder-length) to put up, I just need to get a picture of them I'm actually satisfied with. lol And who knows? Maybe the Avonlea-watching will inspire still more fun crafty-ness if I can come up with something.