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Manic Monday Feature

April of Enchanted Dandelions
Blog | Etsy | Twitter

Most of you who know me know that I don't have kids. And yet, somehow, I still end up getting completely sucked in by cute kid stuff. It's so bright, so cheerful, so FUN. So everything that grown up stuff often isn't.

So now you'll have a pretty good idea of why I love April. She blogs about her life, her (super adorable) kids, her products, giveaways... you get the idea. GOOD stuff. To get the up-to-the minute news, you can also add her Twitter and get a little more of the action.

Then you pop over to her Etsy show and are hit by the inevitable awww moment. Or at least I was. I've said before and will say again that picking favorites be it pictures or items in any shop is hard for me. I tend to fall in love with a lot of things along the way, and that was definitely true at Enchanted Dandelions. The sushi cloth roll is one of my favorite Etsy items ever, I'll be honest, and I'm just waiting for the right pers…

Manic Monday Feature

Burning Moon
Etsy | Twitter | Blog

Burning Moon starts off with a wonderful blog that does great features on other artists. I've seen so many new, beautiful things there that it's wonderful. Then there's other great art and crafty entries (I especially recommend the article on tips for selling on Etsy).

If that's not enough, you can move on to a wonderful shop filled with unique items. I love it all, but there are especially some geeky, fun fannish items that make me smile. There's color, variety, and a host of really wonderful things to look at, so spend some time and go through it all. It's time well spent!

4x6 Barbie Murders prints?

I'm considering expanding my Barbie Murders line a bit by adding 4x6 shots. Currently I have a sampler of all ten images in 4x6 size, but I just wanted to put out a post checking the interest in singles. They would be $5 as opposed to the $10 that the single 8.5x11 shots cost. Any thoughts? Suggestions? I'd love to hear them!


Today? I'm sharing Etsy favorites because it's fun :)

Blog Interview

I did an interview with Jessica at Crazy Daisies Designs, and it's up now! Check it out right this second because it's just that awesome. I'm her first artist interview on the blog, and I am totally and completely honored.

New and improved - now with an actual screenshot!


I've finally signed up at Flickr, so add me as a friend or contact or whatnot. I'm still learning my way around and haven't tagged most of my photos, but I have tons of stuff posted. heh

Manic Monday Feature

Tali Schiffer
Etsy Shop | Blog

First, there's the blog, Imperfectly Perfect, a nice collection of random and focused with plenty of humor and good recs both for art and artists and even music. I love a blog that makes me really feel like I'm getting to know the writer, and hers does that beautifully.

Then there's the lively, beautiful photography of everything from nature to people to pets to beach scenes. There's a gorgeous variety of color and theme that makes it hard not to go through every page just to see what you might find.

Stretched Canvas Art

We finally finished it! This past weekend Wes and I finally hung the canvas art I made. This is in the same room as the bench and pillows we did here, so it all goes together nicely, if I do say so myself.

It was a very, very simple process. We picked out a bunch of black and white fabric that we liked (we have several that we haven't used yet) and we got stretchers for canvas at Michael's. I then, well, stretched the fabric and stapled it down. Suuuuper easy!


Trying to get my blog noticed a bit more, so if you happen to be a Technorati member, it would be wonderful if you'd be so kind as to take a moment and click the button on the right by my follow stuff and add my blog to your favorites! Let me know if you have it set up and I'll be happy to do the same for you :D

All Set!

Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming response! I now have Manic Monday features scheduled all the way through the first week in November. Yay!

Want to be featured?

Since Blogger is being difficult, I'm just going to make a post here as well... If you'd like to be one of my Manic Monday features in the future, either reply here or email me with your name and what link or links you'd like listed (shop, blog, Twitter, etc.) and then I'll add you to the schedule. Simple as that! Obviously it's nifty if you follow the blog and/or my Twitter too, but that is totally and completely not required.

Manic Monday Feature

Time once again for the Manic Monday feature! And today I'm actually getting it out in the morning! Ooooo.

Erin of Serendipity Soap Works
Blog | Etsy Shop

I would like to start by saying that just looking at all of this yummy soap this morning makes me want to shower - and I'm already clean. Honest! But how could you not want to smell like coffee or have some sugar kisses lip balm?

I had trouble deciding which pictures to use because, frankly, it all looks yummy. I'm always drawn to the look of hand-made soap, and she does an absolutely brilliant job adding props and such to make it even more beautiful. Then there's the lip balms that all sound absolutely delicious (I'm a chapstick fiend anyway - you will literally never find me without it).

Add to that a blog with great posts not just about the shop and new products but some good general tips and thoughts, and she's got a brilliant package put together. Be sure to stop by and let her know that she's doing great…

Uber Awesome

So you know that amazing treasury that I posted about the other day featuring my Barbie Murders photo? Well it ended up on the frontpage last night! Something of mine was on the front page of Etsy! First time ever, so, yes, I intend to be super dorky and hyperactive about it! rofl And big thanks once again to The Silver Dog for including me to begin with!

The photo comes courtesy of the Etsy Frontpagers Flickr group :)

Flickr Feature

The awesome lindabutterfly featured my card in a lovely collection that she posted on Flickr. So neat! Something I never really thought about for promotion... always love getting new ideas and new avenues. Thank you, Linda!

Blanc and Noir Treasury

My Barbie Murders 04 photographic print has been included by The Silver Dog in her absolutely gorgeous Blanc and Noir treasury. Please stop by, check it out, and hopefully you'll be as impressed by the gorgeous items as I am! The timing is awesome since my featured items are currently all black and white as well - check out my Etsy Mini :)

Fixes & Tags

A big yay factor to the fact that Twitter seems to be working... at least for now. lol

And... I've been tagged by The Lost Earring!

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1) I don't like sea food, but I love sushi. Yep, makes no sense to me either. 2) I started crafting with my grandma and mom as a kid, and I never stopped loving it. 3) I originally went to college to be a computer science major (did it for two years), then decided I'd go postal if I didn't find something more creative. 4) I have an obsession with grunge fonts. I would use them on everything if I could justify it. 5) I also like obnoxiously bright colors like lime green. Still haven&…

Twitter Problems

Just so everyone knows, my main art/craft/etc. Twitter account, wildemoon, isn't working. I can't log in, I can't reset my password, and I can't find any effing way to contact customer support at Twitter. If anyone is interested, they're more than welcome to follow my main account, star_momma, instead or just until this is fixed. I'm annoyed as hell, really, because not only do I have a problem, I have no way to get help with it. Grrrrr.

EDIT: The help address is in case anyone else ends up in the same situation.

Manic Monday feature

As you can tell from how late this is, it truly was a manic Monday! But here is my feature artist for the week:

Etsy Shop | Artfire Shop | Blog

This week, we have a fine artist, crafter, and just plain generally awesome chick - Vicki from Ravena Relics. A woman after my own art, you find a host of fun and unusual items on her Etsy shop with still more available through Artfire. Then there's an entertaining, personal blog that's about getting to know her and sharing the creative process and not just advertising.

All in all? It adds up to a lot of love from me and a lot of really unque and wonderful art that you should check out *right now* if you haven't already.

The Mysterious june ja Ynes treasury

I'm in an awesome treasury at the moment! My Crimson & White print is featured in The Mysterious june ja Ynes treasury... and it's awesome! Please head over and check it out and give the artists some love :D