Manic Monday Feature

Time once again for the Manic Monday feature! And today I'm actually getting it out in the morning! Ooooo.

Erin of Serendipity Soap Works
Blog | Etsy Shop

I would like to start by saying that just looking at all of this yummy soap this morning makes me want to shower - and I'm already clean. Honest! But how could you not want to smell like coffee or have some sugar kisses lip balm?

I had trouble deciding which pictures to use because, frankly, it all looks yummy. I'm always drawn to the look of hand-made soap, and she does an absolutely brilliant job adding props and such to make it even more beautiful. Then there's the lip balms that all sound absolutely delicious (I'm a chapstick fiend anyway - you will literally never find me without it).

Add to that a blog with great posts not just about the shop and new products but some good general tips and thoughts, and she's got a brilliant package put together. Be sure to stop by and let her know that she's doing great work!