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Two For Joy treasury

My Barbie Murders 04 4x6 print is included in Rachel Lucie's gorgeous Two for Joy treasury. Please check it out - there are absolutely beautiful items included (y'know, in addition to mine. heh).

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Elizabeth Bohaker of LizzyB Designs
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If you're a fan of funky and comfy but get turned off by boring, you have officially come to the right blog entry. LizzyB (otherwise known as Elizabeth Bohaker) has a variety of items in her shop from super chic to what I think of as upscale hippie wear - and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. Everything look utterly wearable and completely polished all at the same time.

My particular favorites are the amazing karma bracelets. They come in gorgeous colors and are all made with wonderful quality stones - not to mention workmanship - that set them apart from the usual.

This is the place if you want something that will stand out, get you noticed, and not break your bank or make you feel like you're wearing something that will stand out in a bad way. Instead you can embrace being comfy and upscale all at the same time and from the same shop!

Good Mourning treasury

My Barbie Murders 05 4x6 print is included in the absolutely awesome Good Mourning treasury. Rush over and check all the pieces out because it is absolutely fabulous!

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Marja Huhta
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Today we are featuring Marja, otherwise known as the woman behind GlassElements on Etsy. This is one of those shops where you can get lost in the best of all possible ways. The color and vibrant color of the pieces is immediately eye catching. While glass work in and of itself may not be a rarity, the artists of Etsy always seem to manage to take it that extra step.

Marja's shop shows not only the usual color and smooth beauty common with glass pieces but a sense of fun and creativity in both shape and composition. The pieces in her shop range from upscale contemporary to just plain fun. I also have to add, as a graphic designer, that I absolutely adore how clean, readable, and attractive her header graphic is. Stop by and check out her work on Etsy, Flickr, or through her Facebook fan page (all listed at the top of this entry). I promise you won't be disappointed!

Barbie Murders on the Etsy front page!

Yay! This time my Barbie Murders 05 shot was featured on the front page of Etsy! Halloween is definitely the time of year for those pics, and I couldn't be happier that people are noticing them. I'm going to be adding postcards to the roster as well as soon as I sell some more clearance items, so buy some!

Once again, the image comes courtesy of the Etsy Front Pagers group on Flickr :) I

Clearance Sale BONUS

Just a little extra bonus to sweeten the pot on my clearance sale! Buy any item from the clearance section and you'll get a free bookmark. I've got collaged and hand drawn bookmarks, so every one will be something different and (I think, anyway) beautiful.

Recent Design Work

It's been awhile since I showed off my design work, so here are my two most recently completed flyers. The first is for an almost annual event from Student Health Services - Lunch & Learn. I kept it simple, and each poster features a different color scheme and a different lunchbox. This is the only one that has been approved so far. Click on it to see a larger version of the picture since it's hard to see the background otherwise.

The second is a more in your face flyer for Domestic Violence Week. I'm really, really proud of this one, and I'm so happy that Project [REV] let me be so creative with it. It's bright, it's eye catching (I have the posters sitting in the office, and people keep sticking their heads in to see what it is), and... well, I'm full of myself, maybe, but I'm thrilled with it.

Clearance Sale Thoughts

Things are still running my Clearance Sale, and I'd love some thoughts from those of you who have done it before. This is my very first sale ever. What have you done to promote your sale and/or to make it appealing to buyers? Obviously the prices are slashed as much as they can be on everything to start with. What might sweeten the pot? I want to get some of this old stuff gone so I can start filling the shop up with more new stuff!

I am upholding my promise to list one new item every time somebody buys one of the clearance items all through the month of September!

Manic Monday Blog Feature

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Today's Manic Monday feature goes to one of my very favorite fine artists on Etsy. Every time I see a new illustration, I'm more impressed. Then there's the awesomely moody photographs that have a gorgeous, otherworldly quality. Her stuff is so lovely and eye-catching that it is even featured on the Etsy artist lockets in Polarity's shop.

And of course if you're looking for something a bit more prosaic, Megan also makes absolutely awesome handmade envelopes! I'm a particular fan of the Sesame Street set. How could you not be? Go now to check out her shop, her site, and her blog and give her some love on Facebook and Twitter!

Blog Redesign

It all started out as wanting to add the link bar from Haptree's tutorial (which is great, btw), and ended up with me persuading my boyfriend to help me redo the whole blog. Luckily he's a bit more focused and a lot more patient than me when it comes to screwing with the code over and over until it's right. I want it to work RIGHTNOW.

So I made a header, and he helped me get the layout tweaked, and now... I feel unique! I'm not a stock template anymore. Ooooo. I may actually take this layout and apply it to my about me-style blog as well with different colors. But first I'll just enjoy this for awhile. It's my first time ever editing a blog layout, so it's kinda spiffy!

Vanishing Texas photo series

We're on a kick of visiting old, abandoned places and photographing them. This, apart from photographing cemeteries, is one of my absolute favorite things. And yet somehow this is the first time I've really worked to get good, artistic shots with the idea of selling prints. I know, I'm slow. But I'm finally doing it, and putting them up for sale both at Etsy and DeviantArt.

If you have any opinions about which shot I should list next, I would love your feedback! You can see what we took here and here. Don't forget, through the month of September, I'm only listing shiny NEW stuff when I sell some old, so check out my Clearance Sale and get it while the getting's good!

Etsy Front Page

Once again the Barbie Murders does me proud! My Barbie Murders 04 8.5x11 print was on the frontpage of Etsy yesterday!

The image comes courtesy of the awesome Etsy Front Pagers group on Flickr. Thanks, guys!

Crimson & White notecards in treasury

I am in the Red Associations treasury with my Crimson and White notecards! I'm absolutely thrilled, and it's a gorgeous treasury! Please check it out and give it some love.

More fun with Clearance

Throughout the month of September, whenever I sell a clearance item, I will also list a brand new item in the regular sections. Out with the old and in with the new. Help me fill my shop with spiffy new items :D

Favorites Post

I can't help featuring my faves sometimes. This one is almost all Silver Dog because, well... AWESOME.

Healthcare Plan treasury

This is awesome! I am in yet another treasury, this one the beautiful Healthcare Plan treasury. My Red Cross Nurse vector illustration is included. Yay! Stop by and give them some hits too :)

Dial M... treasury

And I'm in a gorgeous treasury - twice! Today is officially an AWESOME day :)

This one showcases my Red Death vector illustration and my Barbie Murders 04 4x6 print.

Etsy Front Page!

My Barbie Murders 04 4x6 print is on the frontpage of Etsy! Pardon me while I do my dance of joy!

Wilde Designs Clearance SALE!

To get rid of some old items so that I have space to store brand new ones, I am having a clearance sale at Wilde Designs! I'll probably be adding something new to the section every day or two, especially as items sell. Prices will range anywhere from 25-50% off, so check 'em out before they're gone!

Everything can be found in the Clearance SALE section of the shop. I'll announce new items as they are added via my Twitter account, so watch there for news!

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Etsy | Blog | Twitter

Beautiful paintings, cute bags, vintage patterns... there's not much you can't find at Mandaleighta's awesome shop or on her blog. Then you've got the fact that she's one of my favorite Twitter folks, and you have an altogether awesome package. I couldn't help showing off one of my absolute favorites from her to the left - how can you look at that umbrella and not smile?

There's a wonderful sense of range in her creative work that means you can find everything from very serious art to whimsical watercolors. Head on over to her shop or blog, and show her the love she deserves!

New Etsy Item - Punk Princess Line

Check out my newest set of listings on Etsy! These were a bit of an experiment for me, and I'm pleased to say that it worked out better than I hoped. Next phase is to see if I can pull of the brooch idea that I had awhile back, but in the meantime, I had a lot of fun making the earrings. I'd love any thoughts and feedback that you guys have on these or anything else you might like to see in the same vein :) Personally I'm a total sucker for glitter and bright colors, so...

Blog Wins!

I have been very, very lucky to win two different blog giveaways recently, so now I'm going to rub everyone's noses in- no, wait, I'm going to show off the cool necklaces I won! Yeah, that's it... ;) Ignore that I look somewhat terrible in the pics since, well, I took them after a long day at work and took them myself. Neither of these help the overall effect. This is about the pretty jewelry, not me!

The first is a rockin' gumball pendant from Stuff by Xtine! It looked cute in the picture but, trust me, it's way cuter in person. If you're jealous (and you should be), check out her shop here (as soon as she's back from vacation in a few days).

The second is an equally lovely necklace courtesy of Cabootique! This one also has an adorable little sparkly star on it, and most of you have probably already noticed that I'm a sucker for glittery, sparkly things. So... Again, if you're jealous (and you really should be), check out her awesome shop here (t…