Blog Wins!

I have been very, very lucky to win two different blog giveaways recently, so now I'm going to rub everyone's noses in- no, wait, I'm going to show off the cool necklaces I won! Yeah, that's it... ;) Ignore that I look somewhat terrible in the pics since, well, I took them after a long day at work and took them myself. Neither of these help the overall effect. This is about the pretty jewelry, not me!

The first is a rockin' gumball pendant from Stuff by Xtine! It looked cute in the picture but, trust me, it's way cuter in person. If you're jealous (and you should be), check out her shop here (as soon as she's back from vacation in a few days).

The second is an equally lovely necklace courtesy of Cabootique! This one also has an adorable little sparkly star on it, and most of you have probably already noticed that I'm a sucker for glittery, sparkly things. So... Again, if you're jealous (and you really should be), check out her awesome shop here (the fabric button rings are love, I promise).