Manic Monday Blog Feature

Elizabeth Bohaker of LizzyB Designs
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If you're a fan of funky and comfy but get turned off by boring, you have officially come to the right blog entry. LizzyB (otherwise known as Elizabeth Bohaker) has a variety of items in her shop from super chic to what I think of as upscale hippie wear - and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. Everything look utterly wearable and completely polished all at the same time.

My particular favorites are the amazing karma bracelets. They come in gorgeous colors and are all made with wonderful quality stones - not to mention workmanship - that set them apart from the usual.

This is the place if you want something that will stand out, get you noticed, and not break your bank or make you feel like you're wearing something that will stand out in a bad way. Instead you can embrace being comfy and upscale all at the same time and from the same shop!