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Tricks & Treats Treasury

My Barbie Murders 04 8.5x11 print has been included in an absolutely beautiful treasury featuring Tricks & Treats. Get in the holiday spirit and check out the awesome artists included (even the ones who aren't me ;)

Manic Monday Feature

Kelly of The Lost Earring
Etsy | Blogs | Twitter

First of all, Kelly is one of the nicest folks on Twitter, hands down. And if that isn't enough? She makes amazingly beautiful jewelry! What fascinates me most is that she'll use the most mundane objects and pieces and make the coolest, most unique pieces from them. I mean, really, who would think of making pencil shavings into something so rockin' cool?

Of course, if gorgeous jewelry isn't your thing, you can always check out her blog, which is full of great features, giveaways, and articles of interest. There's a little bit of something for everybody, so even if you aren't buying,  you should definitely be reading.


I have officially received my awesome postcard sticky backs. Now all I have to do is print out 4x6 prints of my work and put these on the back and I've got postcards to sell. The question now? Which art to list as postcards first! Any suggestions or requests, guys?

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Almost Precious
Etsy | Artfire

Here we have an artist who gives their customers everything they need - an Etsy shop full of lovely bits and pieces they can make their own jewelry with and an Artfire shop featuring beautiful jewelry! Whether you're looking to let your own creative juices flow or see what someone else's have produced, these are shops well worth visiting.

The selection of finished piecese may not be vast, but what lacks in quantity is mor ethan made up for in quality with beautifully intricate seed bead work and a few bolder, chunkier selections for those who prefer a little more weight to their jewelry. This self-professed craftaholic has a lot to offer, so check out her shops and show some love!

5 Minute Blog Feature

Jess from BrightCircle has been sweet enough to make me her newest Five-Minute Feature on her blog! Please head over, check it out, and let her know you like it as much as I do ;)

I Love a Cloudy Day treasury

My Gray Day illustration is now included in the gorgeous I Love a Cloudy Day treasury. Stop by and check it out - there are some seriously gorgeous pieces in it!

Manic Monday

Yes... yes, I am slow today. lol

Julie Magers Soulen
Blog | Etsy | Flickr

In her blog, not only does Julie share stories about her adventures and travels, she shares absolutely beautiful images. I admit, I pulled heavily from images she took fairly recently because, honestly, I loved almost every single image that I came across. Picking from them was very, very difficult.

The best thing that I can say is to go over to her blog, her Etsy shop or her Flickr. Hopefully you'll enjoy the ride every bit as much as I did!

Heroes Treasury!

Ooooo, super cool! My LFM to Save the World print has been included in a Heroes-themed treasury put together by VintageZen. This is such a fun one! I love crazy, unique treasuries, and this one definitely qualifies.

How Do You Package?

I've been putting thought once again into how I send my items. In the past six months or so, I've made nice cards and tags for jewelry, and I've always used little "wraps" for the notecards. I always put in a business card or two and sometimes even a little notecard with a thank you depending on what I have on hand.

What do you send out when people order things from your Etsy shop, Artfire store, etc.? I don't want to add a lot of cost since most of my items don't sell for super high price tags anyway, but I'd love ideas on how to cheaply make things a little more special.

Just a note - the bracelet to the right is part of a set of three that is currently on clearance! Check it out!

Next Earring Colors?

I just sold the earrings pictured on the left here (I'm so happy they found a good home!), and now I'm trying to decide what color combo to use next. I've got quite a nice stash of both beads and glitter, so the sky is more or less the limit, and I'd love some thoughts from the folks who'd actually be buying these! hehe