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Manic Monday Blog Feature

Once again, if you want to be featured, just reply to this with your URL(s). In the meanwhile, I'll be picking the features from my Etsy favorites:

Bunny X Productions

Those who have been reading for awhile already know that I enjoy weird and unusual. Well, it doesn't get much weirder and more unusual than this - and I mean that in the nicest possible way. This is one of my top picks for that person on your gift list who simply won't be satisfied by something that doesn't stand out.

My favorite aspect of the pieces in this shop is that even things that shouldn't be "pretty" like tentacles? They're pretty. Beautiful, actually. Though the tentacle pendants are certainly the standout pieces to me here, everything is well worth looking at, so don't cheat yourself out of seeing all the pretty things that Bunny X has to offer!

Sale Reminder

Finally moving some items from the clearance section. Now that some prints are being discontinued as well, please be sure to check it out so that you can snatch up any stocking stuffers that you might want for the best prices you're going to see :) I'm excited to clear out some space both in the shop and in my closet to get to making some new items!

Manic Monday

Happy almost Thanksgiving, everybody! This one is yet again chosen just by me. If you are interested in being featured, just reply to this post with your info (your shop, site, Twitter, Facebook page, whatever else you'd want included) and let me know!

Dirty Ass Soaps
Etsy | Twitter

I've seen a lot of cool soap on Etsy. There are some scents that look amazing, stuff that looks like it would be wonderful for your skin... a little bit of everything. But I can honestly say that there's no soap shop that stands out to me the way Dirty Ass Soaps does.

It's not just the wonderfully dirty name, it's the soap. The geeky, bizarre, super fun soap. My favorite? The 8-bit NES controller that is MOUNTAIN DEW scented. If you don't love the whole idea, my friend, you aren't really a geek. Not your speed? Oh, fine. What about the super cute, super neat sushi set above? Basically, there are no losers in this bunch. You can find the perfect unique gift for just about anybody h…

Out with the Old

I've been planning lots of shiny new things to put in my Etsy shop, so I'm going to be adding even MORE items to the Clearance Section. That's going to include prints that are being retired. Some of them will be gone permanently and won't ever come back, some will just be on hiatus for six months or so while I rework them. If there are additional pieces that go along with the print (buttons, etc.) those will go on sale too!

You can keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates on which prints and other pieces are going up for sale and/or being retired.

So if you've had your eye on something special, now is the time to head over to the shop and see if it's on sale. I'll be adding more and more things over the next month or so in honor of the fact that, let's face it, we all need some gifts to give on the cheap over the holiday season :)

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Since so far no one has applied for the open slots on the feature... I'm picking!

Two Trick Pony
Site | Etsy | Facebook | Laurie's Twitter | Carrie's Twitter

If you like design, you'll love these ladies. I promise. I can't remember how I originally stumbled across their Etsy shop, but it was love at first sight. They produce absolutely amazing, absolutely green (all made from 100% recycled products!) stationary and invitations.

It was difficult picking which pieces to focus on and share here because there's frankly not a loser in the bunch. Everything is simply stunning. Every design is unique, fun and displays a cool retro sensibility that I frankly can't resist. Head over and get yourself some cards that will most definitely be displayed with pride!


I'm very excited to announce that I got my postcard backs from, so my shop is now offering postcards! I currently only have the Barbie Murders 04 listed as a postcard, but more will be coming in the future. If there are any particular paintings, designs, photographs, etc. that you want to see on a postcard, just let me know and I'll get a listing up! I'd really love some feedback from y'all about what you think. I'm pretty buzzed about it :D

Midnight Magic Treasury

My Crimson & White illustration has been featured in an absolutely beautiful Midnight Magic treasury curated by cyndiesmithdesigns. Please stop by and check everything out - it's well worth the visit!

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Just a reminder, I am still looking for new folks to feature starting next week. If you're interested, please reply here with your name and any links you would like featured in the post :) And now... on to this week's lovely feature!

Bonnie of Bonzai Beadwear
Etsy | Blog | Twitter

As a fellow designer, I'll start by saying that the banner on her Etsy page is wonderful. It's simple, elegant, and lovely. I'm also a sucker for leafy designs, and that doesn't hurt anything either. Her blog is filled with cuteness (c'mon, who *doesn't* need to see kittens in socks to start the day off right?) and great features.

Then there's the beadwork itself. Bonnie manages to make pieces that stand out without losing their delicacy and elegance. My personal favorite is the necklace above (did I mention I have a key fettish along with my leaf fixation?). There are also a couple of absolutely lovely, vibrant art prints that you should definitely make a point of looking o…

Blog Reading

I've come rather reluctantly to the conclusion that I need to cut down on how many blogs I'm following. I have so many right now that my "to read" list scares me and I end up not reading anything, and that's just no fun! So please bear with me as I make the difficult choices that will be involved here since, frankly, I love every one of the gajillion blogs I do follow! lol

Manic Monday Blog Post

I'm so sorry I missed last week! Afraid time just got away from me :) Also, please note that I'm looking for more folks to feature, so if you're interested? Just reply to this with your link (or links - blog, twitter, shop, etc.) here and say so!

Anna of Freaky Keen
Etsy | Blog

Any blog that gives such great recs for other craft sites and tips is tops in my book to begin with, but add to that a shop filled with cute, crazy, unusual items, and I'm in love.

I love Etsy shops that showcase a massive variety, and despite having only 26 items listed total, Anna's shop does exactly that. There's jewelry, binder clips, cute fuzzies, and lots more. It's the kind of place where you never know just what you're going to see next - and I couldn't ask for more!