Manic Monday Blog Feature

Just a reminder, I am still looking for new folks to feature starting next week. If you're interested, please reply here with your name and any links you would like featured in the post :) And now... on to this week's lovely feature!

Bonnie of Bonzai Beadwear
Etsy | Blog | Twitter

As a fellow designer, I'll start by saying that the banner on her Etsy page is wonderful. It's simple, elegant, and lovely. I'm also a sucker for leafy designs, and that doesn't hurt anything either. Her blog is filled with cuteness (c'mon, who *doesn't* need to see kittens in socks to start the day off right?) and great features.

Then there's the beadwork itself. Bonnie manages to make pieces that stand out without losing their delicacy and elegance. My personal favorite is the necklace above (did I mention I have a key fettish along with my leaf fixation?). There are also a couple of absolutely lovely, vibrant art prints that you should definitely make a point of looking over too.