Manic Monday Blog Feature

Once again, if you want to be featured, just reply to this with your URL(s). In the meanwhile, I'll be picking the features from my Etsy favorites:

Bunny X Productions

Those who have been reading for awhile already know that I enjoy weird and unusual. Well, it doesn't get much weirder and more unusual than this - and I mean that in the nicest possible way. This is one of my top picks for that person on your gift list who simply won't be satisfied by something that doesn't stand out.

My favorite aspect of the pieces in this shop is that even things that shouldn't be "pretty" like tentacles? They're pretty. Beautiful, actually. Though the tentacle pendants are certainly the standout pieces to me here, everything is well worth looking at, so don't cheat yourself out of seeing all the pretty things that Bunny X has to offer!