Manic Monday

Happy almost Thanksgiving, everybody! This one is yet again chosen just by me. If you are interested in being featured, just reply to this post with your info (your shop, site, Twitter, Facebook page, whatever else you'd want included) and let me know!

Dirty Ass Soaps
Etsy | Twitter

I've seen a lot of cool soap on Etsy. There are some scents that look amazing, stuff that looks like it would be wonderful for your skin... a little bit of everything. But I can honestly say that there's no soap shop that stands out to me the way Dirty Ass Soaps does.

It's not just the wonderfully dirty name, it's the soap. The geeky, bizarre, super fun soap. My favorite? The 8-bit NES controller that is MOUNTAIN DEW scented. If you don't love the whole idea, my friend, you aren't really a geek. Not your speed? Oh, fine. What about the super cute, super neat sushi set above? Basically, there are no losers in this bunch. You can find the perfect unique gift for just about anybody here, and it's all, like I said, super amazingly cute.