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Just fyi, future posts about my weird cooking experiments will be on my "about me" miscellaneous blog called Midnight Rider. So if you want my weird tips, tricks, and painful failures in terms of food? That's the place to be! lol I'll be sharing a very successful venture into the realm of cake baking in just a little bit here.

Manic Monday Feature

Rue Renee

As rarely as I send out physical cards in the mail, I never fail to be absolutely stunned by really beautifully done ones - and the cards are Rue Renee are definitely stunners.

The cards aren't just fun or colorful, they're unique. In some cases, even the shape of the cards are different, and in all cases they look beautiful and utterly polished and professional.

I've always been a sucker for typewriters and type fonts, so the typewriter to the left is a particular favorite of mine. In a similar style, there's also a tea kettle, bicycle, and even retro birthday revelers. Do yourself a favor and stop by to check out all the beautiful cards that Rue Renee has to offer!

Retro Reprobates

Introducing the newest section in my Etsy shop, Retro Reprobates! I can honestly say that this is a project I've been meaning to get done for a long time, and I finally got it into swing. Right now there are prints only up, but I will be adding more items to the line soon. If you want something specific, just say so here or send me a convo on Etsy and I'll get a listing up ASAP!

Shop Reorganization

First off, the internet was out most of the day at work, and I am twitching like an addict here. It's ridiculous. Thankfully it is now fixed.

In more relevant news, I am going to be reorganizing my Wilde Designs shop over the next few months. Some prints and things will be going away, there will be whole new series' of items, and I really hope that you guys will be as psyched as I am. Why tell you guys? So that you can head over to the shop and grab the stuff you want now just in case it's not there in the not too distant future. Have at it, and let me know if you have any questions! I know it may be a bit of a mess as I move and shift things around, so if you can't find a favorite? Just say so! I can make sure you find the right spot.

I think this is going to be an awesome chance to get the shop more focused, less scattered, and a lot more rockin' than it already is.

Facebook custom URL!

I was finally able to get a custom URL for my Facebook fan page! You can now find me at YAY! Thanks to everyone who has become a fan!

Manic Monday Blog Feature

Steph of Loophole
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I've always thought that the only real downside of living someplace where it never gets all that cold is that I don't ever have enough reasons to wear winter stuff. Well, Steph's shop makes me all the more sad that I don't have any reason to stockpile some awesome scarves!

Everything in the shop has the beautiful, comfy, soft look of something that you'd fall in love with the moment you slipped it on.

More of a maker than a buyer? Oh, she's got you covered there too. There are some adorable patterns (my favorite being the bag displayed at the right) that make me wish I'd put more time in learning to crochet!

Geeky Bookmarks?

I'm looking at putting up some geeky bookmarks at Power Ups. The first set will probably be Doctor Who, but I'm not sure what to go for after that. Any suggestions?

Also, for those reading these entries on Facebook, I'm going to start putting the blog's URL at the bottom so people can read it here or there easily :)

Want a Manic Monday Feature?

Today the feature is dedicated to... finding new people to feature! Sure, I can keep selecting folks, but I'd love to know who out there WANTS a feature too. So if you'd like one, reply here with your name, business or shop name, and any URLs you'd like featured (shops, site, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.). Just let me know if you have any questions!

Tacky Fab Etsy

Thank you all so much for your wonderful advice! I have indeed decided to go ahead with a brand new shop, so now you can all my vintage goodies on Etsy at Tacky Fab. I'm going to be slowly adding things throughout the weekend and beyond, so check back often to see what new treasures are popping up :)

The Best Way?

My boyfriend's grandma has come to live with us for a bit while we find her a new place, and in the process, we're going through all her stuff. She's choosing what she wants and what's stuff she's just accumulated. Some of it's not worth much, but some of it is super cool. We can't keep all of it ourselves, however, so I'm planning on selling it.

Since a lot of it is vintage jewelry and other items in that vein, I'm thinking Etsy. My dilemma is whether to put it all up in my existing shop here, which I worry would make the shop seem overcrowded and confusing, or to open a new one. I'd love some other thoughts, especially from those of you who might've done similar things (ie opening different shops for different types of items).

I Release You treasury

My Barbie Murders sampler has been chosen by elsiee for her I Release You treasury, which is absolutely awesome! Please stop by and check out not just my work but the other gorgeous items featured in the treasury.

Manic Monday Blog Feature

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Hands down one of my favorite Etsy shops of all time. Zomb has been on my favorites list for a long, long time, so it's high time I share the joy with you... and how can you not be joyful looking at this stuff?

Obviously her amazing monster pouches are the biggest draw in the shop, and it's obvious why. They're simple, creative, and awesomely cute.

But if you don't spend enough time looking around the shop to also see the gorgeous t-shirts and cute buttons, you're doing yourself a disservice. There's much more than just pretty monsters to be found in Zomb's shop!