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The Real Me

Just a head's up that if anyone is interested in reading my rambling about TV, movies, food and other random things, you should check out my "about me" blog, Midnight Rider. Yes, that needed its own entry. It's THAT fascinating ;)

Manic Monday

Dyche Designs
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This week we have yet another shop for people just like me - those who want it all in one place. At Dyche you can find everything from bags to jewelry to soy candles. In other words? One of those perfect niches on Etsy to find a gift for everybody.

I find myself especially in love with her fuzzy pillow covers, probably because I am addicted both to bright colors and to fuzzy things. The photos are so lovely you can practically feel the fuzziness. Mmmmm.

I also couldn't resist inclusion of one of her lovely, whimsical clay figures. They are handmade and sooooo cute! There is a lot to see in this beautiful shop, so don't shortchange yourself - settle in and plan to stay for awhile :)

Retired but not Forgotten

The first print to be officially retired from my Etsy shop has come and gone. My Purple Girl print is no longer available via Etsy. More will be going in the future, so buy what you love in the Clearance Section now!

But if you still really want a copy? I do have it available in various designs via CafePress, so head on over to my shop there to grab it if you want it :)

Manic Monday

First off? I have to correct my last week's Manic Monday since I incorrectly credited Victoria of Little Wren as also owning Balm Box. What I did, apparently, was mix up this week's feature, Indy Grrrl, who DOES also own Balm Box! lol Sorry for the confusion, guys. Afraid my copy and past skills failed me when I was getting my database together on the features :) But since I already covered Balm Box a bit last week, I'll be focusing on Indy Grrl Productions today -

Indy Grrl Productions

I had a RIDICULOUSLY difficult time choosing pieces to feature for this one. No, not because there wasn't much to choose from. In fact it was because I kinda fell in love with almost every single thing I saw. I also know that I'm giving an unfair amount of focus to her lovely necklaces when there are also in fact adorable earrings and other fun stuff in the shop.

Well, I can't help it. This shop features everything from super cute (like the bejeweled chocolate donut necklace

Future Giveaway

And not too far in the future either! In the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a giveaway in celebration of my awesome new followers here as well as my new fans on Facebook. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see given, please let me know! I want to pick something that everyone will be excited about :D

You Are Beautiful...

I've been included in the stunning You Are Beautiful treasury put together by favoritescents. My Crimson & White illustration is featured amongst a lot of other very lovely ladies, so please stop by and share some love!

Crime and Punishment Treasury

My Barbie Murders 04 4x6 print has been included in the wonder Crime & Punishment treasury! It is curated by BlueberryCream and is sooooo much fun! Check out a fun, very alternative take on Valentine's Day :D

The Best Valentine's Day Ever

2010-Feb-10-The Best Valentine's Day Ever
Originally uploaded by ZionShore ZionShore has included my Crimson & White 2 illustration in this uber amazing treasury! :: happy dance :: Please check it out since there are absolutely gorgeous items in it!

Manic Monday Feature

Victoria Baker of Little Wren Pottery
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Sometimes one adorable shop just isn't enough. Victoria has branched out into running not only the lovely Little Wren Pottery but BalmBox Bath & Body. Her graphic design skills definitely show in the lovely branding of each shop that make them both stand out from the crowd.

I have to say that her beauty products have some of the most unique flavors that I've ever seen. I'm finding myself especially drawn to the idea of the circus peanut lip balm shown here. How cute is that?

All of the beautiful pottery at Little Wren is hand made and as useful as it is pretty. The prices are very, very reasonable, and it's a wonderful place to find functional, beautiful pottery that will make your living space something special.

Pop of Red Treasury

I've been included in the rockin' Pop of Red treasury put together by Kugey! It's a beautiful treasury, and my Crimson & White illustration fits right in :)

Blog Feature!

I've been featured on Catldy99's lovely blog here! Stop by and check it out :) It's always lovely to be featured, and any House fan is a friend of mine!

Manic Monday

Courtney Reynolds of NonpareilSoleil
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I love a chance to help a really stunning shop get a solid start - and here's a wonderful one! Courtney has been an Etsy buyer for a full year, but starting in November, she became a seller as well.

Her shop is already shaping up to be a lovely mix of items, and she's currently offering primarily lovely jewelry and some very cozy-looking scarves like the one shown above. My current favorite happens to be the "discover" necklace.

Looking for something else? There's also an adorable coffee cozy sure to keep your coffee hot and your hands warm. Check the shop out and help a truly lovely seller get her brand new shop humming with activity!