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Giveaway Reminder!

Haven't entered yet? Why not?! You have until midnight tomorrow to get all your entries in, so hit it! I want to see some serious numbers here, people! Have friends? Tell them too!

Just head on over to this post, and enter away!

Manic Monday

First off, please don't forget to check back a couple of blog entries to enter my first ever giveaway! There are three great prizes to choose from, so enter while you can - the giveaway ends April 1!

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen
Etsy | Site | Facebook

I think it's safe to say that we all like getting pampered from time to time. Well, this sounds like the place to do it! Rebecca not only sells through her Etsy shop, she even has her luscious-looking soaps available at some stores (check her site for more info).

There's a wide variety of lovely handmade soaps to choose from with additives that do everything from softening skin to giving a good exfoliating scrub.

And I fully admit that apart from the absolutely yummy sounding scents and textures these things come in, what really excites me? How pretty they all are! Most of these soaps look yummy enough to eat (though I'm pretty sure that's not recommended). So do yourself a favor and indulge your skin in some pretty…

Manic Monday

If you haven't entered yet, please check out the last post on this blog to enter my first ever giveaway!

Heather Tharp of Pretty Paris
Etsy | Etsy Destash | Blog | Twitter | Site

I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me for a moment - I'm busy drooling. I'm a sucker for pretty vintage and vintage-style stuff, and Pretty Paris is definitely an Etsy hot spot for just that.

Whether you access the shop directly or through Heather's domain, you're in for a treat. Her pieces are a great example of simple, clean, wearable vintage style pieces. Add in the fact that she isn't scared to mix her vintage with bright, pop-y colors? Bliss!

Need supplies? Check out her Flea Fairy destash shop! But ultimately it's Heather's main shop that I can't get enough of. Check the pic to the left to see that she has also hit on my fettish for button earrings. :: swoon :: Haven't visited? Get over there ASAP!

First EVER Give Away!

Welcome to Wilde Designs' first ever give away! Yay! I decided to start with a bang and give the winner a chance to choose one of three awesome prizes. So get ready, get set, and let's see your choices!

First off, we have a 4x6 Postcard featuring my Barbie Murders 04 print! This is a fun, funky item that you can also purchase in my Wilde Designs shop... but if you win, you can get it FREE!

This simple cross necklace is made from ponybeads strung on a leathery looking thong. The beads are blue and black, and it's a basic but beautiful piece. No longer offered in the shop at all, so this is the only way to get one!

These bookmarks featuring famous Oscar Wilde quotations are also available for sale in my Wilde Designs shop, but you can get a set all to yourself without spending a cent! Want to know how? Keep reading!

Win One!
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2) Visit Wilde Designs, Tacky Fab, or Power Ups and tell me what your favorite i…

Midnight Train treasury

ZionShore was kind enough to include my Deep Red Magnets in this absolutely gorgeous treasury. I love black, white & red themes, so this one kinda made my day - and would have whether I was in it or not. Please take a moment to look through all the gorgeous items showcased!

Pimp Cane

My boyfriend and I did a redesign on his cane. He's been dealing with a gout flare up that's made life really uncomfortable for him. So when we made a trip to Michaels, we explored ideas for pimping out canes. We've got too many ideas to do just the one, but we had to start somewhere.

I made a little dangle pair of dice for it with some red dice beads that I've had for awhile. I actually have them in a bunch of colors, and they've just been waiting for the right project. I hung them from some sexy little silver chain, and Wes put an eyelet into the chain to hang them from. They're clipped on with a lobster clasp so that we can make others and switch it out if he wants.

The finishing touch was a simple wrap of bright, hot rod-y yellow Duck Tape to really give it some pop. It's not the fanciest thing ever, but it was a lot of fun. We're talking about trying this different ways with stickers, painting, maybe even some Pac Man-y geek-themed stuff!

Manic Monday

Peony Street
Etsy | Blog

Alright, let's get this out of the way first: it's cute. Seriously cute. Adorable, in fact. The lovely, handmade dolls in this shop are definitely that. They have angelic faces, cute clothes, and you can even find beautiful accessories in the shop to go with them.

That's not enough for you? No problem! Add to that lovely additions like the super fun I Like Pie quilt pattern shown to the left.

My personal weakness? The antique buttons. I love buttons, and old buttons are even better. There are a couple of sets currently listed, and they both come on cute cards customized for the shop. If cute and a little bit classic are your thing, this shop will be right up your alley!

Coming Soon & New CafePress Shop

I'm a tease. But coming soon there will be a giveaway that I think should be lots of fun, PLUS new items in most of my shops. So stick around and stay tuned in here for all the fun details! In the meantime, check out my newest CafePress shop - Don't Be a Cocky Banana.

Manic Monday

Kimberly Nixon of Tie Me Up Apparel
Etsy | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Site

As you can tell from the list above, Kimberly is a very busy lady. In addition to a slew of different products in her Etsy store, Kimberly also runs Banner-Mart, which sells custom avatars, banners and more.

Her Etsy shop boasts an interesting array of items from holiday decorations to jewelry to purses. There's a great sense of humor running through all though the style of the items varies greatly.

I think my favorite of her modified wearables are the corseted items, especially the purple tank top shown here. Cute, fun, and excellently girly.

What do you buy?

I'm going to be making some more jewelry down the line, and I'm curious as to what people buy. It likely won't change what I make much since I already have some ideas in my that I just HAVE to try, but... The last time you bought jewelry, what piece did you get? If you have a link to the piece or artist (whether it's on Etsy or Artfire or Target), I'd love to see it!

The last thing I bought was an adorable necklace on sale this last weekend at JC Penny. It's green and has a dangly tassel and is generally awesome. Plus it was ten bucks!

Manic Monday

Lisa Rezendez of Miss Chevious Designs
Etsy | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

First things first: Lisa's jewelry is beautiful. Flat out, it's gorgeous. It's that perfect mix of modern and vintage that I get completely geeky over. You'll have a harder time finding something you don't want in the shop than something you do.

That's not enough for you? Oh, FINE! You can also check out her awesome blog, the most recent entry on which is about the wonders of social media for advertising. Great tips and tricks, especially for those who are new to networking with fellow Etsians and potential buyers via things like Twitter.

She also puts together beautiful selections of "Etsy picks" to show off the work of other artists. But, honestly, even if she never said a word or Tweeted a single thing, the work is beautiful. Take a moment to visit her shop, fan her on Facebook, and enjoy the view!