Manic Monday

First off, please don't forget to check back a couple of blog entries to enter my first ever giveaway! There are three great prizes to choose from, so enter while you can - the giveaway ends April 1!

Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen
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I think it's safe to say that we all like getting pampered from time to time. Well, this sounds like the place to do it! Rebecca not only sells through her Etsy shop, she even has her luscious-looking soaps available at some stores (check her site for more info).

There's a wide variety of lovely handmade soaps to choose from with additives that do everything from softening skin to giving a good exfoliating scrub.

And I fully admit that apart from the absolutely yummy sounding scents and textures these things come in, what really excites me? How pretty they all are! Most of these soaps look yummy enough to eat (though I'm pretty sure that's not recommended). So do yourself a favor and indulge your skin in some pretty, healthy-for-the exterior layers soap!