Pimp Cane

My boyfriend and I did a redesign on his cane. He's been dealing with a gout flare up that's made life really uncomfortable for him. So when we made a trip to Michaels, we explored ideas for pimping out canes. We've got too many ideas to do just the one, but we had to start somewhere.

I made a little dangle pair of dice for it with some red dice beads that I've had for awhile. I actually have them in a bunch of colors, and they've just been waiting for the right project. I hung them from some sexy little silver chain, and Wes put an eyelet into the chain to hang them from. They're clipped on with a lobster clasp so that we can make others and switch it out if he wants.

The finishing touch was a simple wrap of bright, hot rod-y yellow Duck Tape to really give it some pop. It's not the fanciest thing ever, but it was a lot of fun. We're talking about trying this different ways with stickers, painting, maybe even some Pac Man-y geek-themed stuff!