Manic Monday Feature

Melodie of Simplie Girlie Designs
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Melodie herself uses the perfect word to describe her work: fun. The shop is filled with invitingly bright colors and styles. She deals in everything from kid's clothes to adult aprons to jewelry.

The thread that ties it all together is a girlie, feminine flair. Even simple aprons get an awesome touch of modern style with great accent fabrics. and adorable ruffles. I'm especially in love with the black & white damask + red polka dots on the design to the left.

Want to give a gift to a child that they can get some real wear out of? Try one of her super adorable reversible dresses! Such a simple idea, but it's executed beautifully and will give even the youngest members of your family a real sense of style.

As a bonus to my readers, Melodie has kindly offered a 20% discount through Sunday, April 25th to anyone who places an order and mentions this article. Awesome!