Sexism in Crafting Situations

My fiance and I have recently begun turning our "animal room" (where all our snakes, spiders, lizards, etc. lived before we moved them out into the loft area) into our craft room. I'm super excited about this project, and we've already got the floor torn out. If all goes well, we will be painting this weekend, and I'm buzzing!

The other day, my fiance announced to me that we needed to start calling our room-to-be the project studio instead of the craft room. Apparently "craft room" sounds too girlie. I wasn't offended and I'm still not, but I was amused. I guess I've never thought of crafting as a girls-only pastime, but it seems that the world may disagree with me. See, Wes and I have always done crafty projects together. It never occurred to me that in his head he had to call them "projects" to make it feel macho. And do keep in mind that this is a guy who can crochet AND mow the lawn. Doesn't get more macho than that to me!

So, tell me, in your experience, is crafting a girlie pursuit? Do the guys in your life craft?