What's New?

Lots of things! And yet I've been insanely lazy about posting any of it here. Oops! So here's what's new and hot and awesome in my shops. You should buy it all RIGHT NOW ;)

Apples are Rubbish! So says the Eleventh Doctor, who I'm a bit in love with. If you don't watch Doctor Who, you won't get it. But if you do, hopefully you'll think it's terribly clever and wonderful. Hopefully. In any case, prints of this one can be found at Power Ups.

At Wilde Designs, I've actually added several new prints to the Texas Treasures section as well as getting up the second set of Oscar Wilde quote bookmarks that I mentioned before! I've got a few other new prints set to go up as well as some jewelry that I need to get good photos of to list.

Tacky Fab has also gotten a rush of new listings, and I've still got some photos ready and waiting to be added. Now all I need to do is get those up, then take a whole mess of new shots. Yep, there's still a TON of items waiting to be listed there. You wouldn't believe the piles. lol

And that's what's new in my world. If you have any feedback or suggestions, I'd love to hear it!