Manic Monday

Roxane of Sparkle! Vintage!

I love vintage. That's no secret to those of you who frequent Tacky Fab, my vintage shop. What my shop lacks, however, is totally rockin' vintage clothes - and that's where Roxane comes in.

Okay, okay, it's actually rather limiting to suggest that Sparkle! Vintage! is all about clothes. It's actually all about a lot of really cool vintage items from pillow cases to purses to serving bowls like the one shown here.

It just so happens that I adore looking at vintage clothing. Even when it is something I'd never wear, I can't help but be absolutely fascinated by styles gone by. And something else that will come as no surprise to those of you who read these Manic Monday posts often is that I love sparkly things, so my favorite item in the shop? The super sparkly bit of awesome on the left. If it would fit me, I'd be wearing it RIGHT NOW. Now it's your turn - go to the shop and find your favorite. Then buy it so you can remind your friends that you're cooler than they are.