Manic Monday

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The operative word here is CRAZY... and I mean that as a very, very good thing. There may not be a million things in Sphider's shop, but the things that are there definitely catch your eye.

Naturally it's all the more captivating to me because A) it's bright and B) it's got an amazing 80s flair. Come on, how COOL are these cassette necklaces? Just when you thought there was no further use for the tapes you have hiding in your room (and you know you do)... :)

Then there are the totally from-scratch items like the gorgeously fun robot painting above or the cake earrings here. And, yes, not only are they cake, but they are cake with bling. Sphider's items make me not only a happy geek but a very happy geek. Stop by and show some love for a super fun, very unique shop!