Want to be Featured?

Starting July 12th, I will be in the market for some new shops to feature for Manic Monday! If you have been featured before, I'm afraid I have to ask that you not reapply unless you've opened a new shop, in which case you can indeed apply with said new shop.

What happens is that I will schedule you for a slot, put it in my database, and when your week comes up? I'll post a feature about your shop with pictures of the things that I liked best. Yep, I'm shallow - I choose ;)

Want in? Just reply here with links to your shop, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Flickr, and anything else you might want linked in the feature. Simple as that! If you want to earn brownie points, I totally accept gushing about my work. Kidding! I'm excited to see who is going to apply since I love seeing new stuff!