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The Project Room Complete! (Mostly)

I'm not going to bother captioning most of this cuz, well, it's pretty obvious. Standard stuff for the most part except the sewing desk that was handed down and then the one we got from Goodwill (yay Goodwill!). Then there's the dresser drawer we got from another thrift shop a long while back that I covered with pictures and such as part of a project for sculpture when I was still in college. Have questions? Ask! My brain's just too fried to be of much use explaining at the moment. I'm just sooo happy to be so close to done (closet next - storage for my paintings).

This one does need a caption. It's Sophie, one of our puppies, right after we got the Expedit shelf built. I, um, decided she needed to be IKEA puppy. And I stuck her on a shelf. She hated me a lot for awhile. But we're cool now, honest!

Treasury Madness Part 2

My Barbie Murders 04 Postcard is currently listed in the absolutely awesome CSI Etsy treasury by MABJewelry! I love a good crime scene collection, and MAB found some awesome pieces that I'd never seen before. Yay!! Don't miss this one because it's sooo much fun.

Manic Monday: Debs of Handmade and Found

Debs of Handmade and Found
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Okay, okay, I know it's summer - but that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of wonderful knitted items that can be used when it's warm.

First of all, tea is a great thing to have year round. Hot, iced, whatever... and this tea cozy will be absolutely adorable whatever the time of year. Not a ladybug person? Debs also offers an adorable bee version. I had a tough time choosing which one to put up.

Then there are things like this gorgeous bridal shrug. It's lightweight, it's beautiful, and I don't think anyone would think twice about you waltzing down the isle with this baby around your shoulders even if it is 100 degrees in the shade (at least it is here in Texas!). So don't let the weather stop you from checking out this great shop!

Double the Fun Treasuries

I've apparently been a good girl this week because I'm in TWO awesome new treasuries starting today :)

My Claude Holding a Pigeon print has been included in the fun Pigeon Pink treasury! This one is curated by LichenStudio, and it's not to be missed. Very original and cool - plus the items included are just plain lovely. So please check it out.

Then for those of you who, like me, have a bit of fun with the dark side, there's There is a Killer Amongst Us~~~~Murder, Blood, And Bones. My Barbie Murders 11 8.5x11 Print is included in it, and it's fabulously funky and curated by 2GirlsInTrouble. Don't let a little darkness scare you away - check it out!

Organizational Tricks?

We are getting the craft room together, and I should be posting some "finished" pictures next week. YAY! So while we're organizing and moving and making things spiffy this weekend, any tips on how YOU keep your supplies organized? Our craft/project room will be an explosion of painting supplies, beading stuff, paper, fabric, and pretty much any other crafty stuff you can stick in a space. lol

Kiss the Sock Monkey Treasury

It's been a treasury happy week... and I LOVE it! lol Now my Crimson & White Illustration has been included by Secia in her Kiss the Sock Monkey treasury. There's great stuff included (y'know, even aside from me), and I even found yet another lipstick I had to add to my want list :)

Summer in the City Treasury

My Blue & Green Magnets have been included by sunsan in her bright and happy Summer in the City treasury! I've already found one new favorite through it, and I bet you will too :)

Lime & the Coconut Treasury - My First!

My very first treasury is up and running! I hope that you'll all stop by and let me know what you think. Lime green and brown is one of my favorite color combos (not coincidentally, it's what we're looking at for our wedding), and these are some seriously gorgeous items!

Shop Organization Poll

Now that I've had my Wilde Designs shop organized a new way for awhile, I'd love to know what the people actually looking at my shop prefer! If you could take just a moment to answer the poll, it would be a huuuuuge favor :D

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Manic Monday: Get the Party Started

Get the Party Started

Throwing a party? Then what YOU need is custom decorations! Get the Party Started has those aplenty.

I love the simple, bold illustrations and the lovely bright colors. They'd be especially great for kid's parties and showers.

The shop boasts banners, door signs and more to give you a perfect, polished set of items to make any party extra pretty. Throw in some plates from the grocery story in a matching color and you have a hell of a party! :)


My blog postings will be a bit delayed for awhile. Unfortunately my family has suffered a loss recently. You can read about it here if you are interested, but I won't go into it in this post. I apologize for being a bit scattered, but my head isn't in the game right now.


I am officially doing the easiest giveaway ever. Why is it easy? Because you don't have to do anything special. If you are one of the next ten people to order from Wilde Designs, Power Ups or Tacky Fab, you get a free magnet with some of my art on it. Simple as that! Why not get some extra bang for your buck, right? So go to it, and let me know if you have any questions!
I'm a bad, bad Facebook monitor-er. Okay, so it's not a word, but I am. I was featured on the awesome Sketch Customs blog and somehow totally managed to miss it! Gah! But you can still check out the rockingness right here! Yay!

Manic Monday: Rita of Squier

Rita of Squier

In her shop Rita showcases an admirable array of talents from design to jewelry making to the beautiful paintings that populate the sections.

Finding prints and art isn't uncommon on Etsy, but Rita shows off an absolutely stunning selection of originals for sale. There are super realistic water drop paintings (like the one used to make the art ring above) and gorgeous trees.

The best part? You don't have to choose a favorite style because Rita has a little bit of everything. Whether you like uber realism or enjoy something a bit more modern and graphic (check out her original acrylic pieces), you can find what you're looking for here!

Two Treasuries!

My Crimson & White Notecards have been included in the gorgeous Crimson Secret treasury. It is curated by thebluecottage, and the goods displayed are gothicly (yes, it's a word. now it is, anyway.) beautiful, so don't miss it!

My Barbie Murders 04 print has also been included in the Raymond Chandler-inspired Then SHE Walked In treasury. This one is curated by bibliocycle and is a lot of fun. I love a good mystery!

Muted Shades of Summer

My Green Starburst Magnets have been included in the gorgeous Muted Shades of Summer Treasury. The collection is just gorgeous, and I'm thrilled to be in it! Lunarbelle is the curator, and you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't stop by and check it out.