The Project Room Complete! (Mostly)

I'm not going to bother captioning most of this cuz, well, it's pretty obvious. Standard stuff for the most part except the sewing desk that was handed down and then the one we got from Goodwill (yay Goodwill!). Then there's the dresser drawer we got from another thrift shop a long while back that I covered with pictures and such as part of a project for sculpture when I was still in college. Have questions? Ask! My brain's just too fried to be of much use explaining at the moment. I'm just sooo happy to be so close to done (closet next - storage for my paintings).

This one does need a caption. It's Sophie, one of our puppies, right after we got the Expedit shelf built. I, um, decided she needed to be IKEA puppy. And I stuck her on a shelf. She hated me a lot for awhile. But we're cool now, honest!