Manic Monday: Cat's Paw Artifacts

Cat's Paw Artifacts
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As a huge fan of beaded jewelry, this shop was right up my alley. Whether you want to wear them or just look at them, there's absolutely no way not to be struck by the beauty of the collars and chokers.  If you want something simpler, there's also a bevvy of lovely handmade beads and some classy, understated jewelry  pieces as well.

I love a blog that lets you really get to know the author and hers most definitely does that. You can read about everything from crafting and Etsy features to politics, books and movies. Besides, any fan of Betty White is a friend of mine :)

And then of course there's the destash shop, Beads U Need, for those who need to grab some supplies. I do love people who share their extras with the rest of us because there's always cool stuff to be found!