Get a Manic Monday Feature!

Spots are now FILLED for 2010. Keep checking back here for information on getting a 2011 slot!

It's actually quite easy to get yourself a spot in Manic Monday. Just follow these simple guidelines and you too can have a feature that is read by hundreds of people and has been a blog staple here for more than a year. This is a great opportunity for exposure for any artists, crafters, and other creative types who need a little extra visibility.

  • You must not have been previously featured on Manic Monday. Sorry, but since it is a free plug for the featured folks, I don't think it's fair to others to allow doubling up.
  • You must reply to this post with all links you want featured. My suggestions would be any or all of the following: Etsy/Artfire/etc. shop link, Twitter, blog, Facebook fan page, Flickr page, etc.
  • Please be a follower of this blog. It will help you know when your feature comes up so that you can feel proud - and so that you can plug that puppy and get yourself even MORE exposure.
  • This is open to artists, crafters, designers, sewers, etc. at the moment since that's the focus of the blog. That may change in the future, or I may start some sort of feature on my Midnight Rider blog. But for now this one will be for the arts & crafts crowd in all its wonderful forms.

I schedule all Manic Monday posts in the order I receive applications, so please understand that it may be awhile before I get to yours. It will happen - but patience is definitely an important virtue here. I keep a careful spreadsheet of who has been featured when, so never fear being lost in the shuffle. It's a very organized shuffle. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by replying to this post and I will get back to you ASAP or even edit this post to give out whatever info might be missing.