Manic Monday: Joys of Jess

Joys of Jess
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Though Jess is busy with her beautiful new baby, her shop is still a wonderful place to be. And, of course, if you aren't interested in buying, you can always hover around her blog and enjoy the beyond adorable baby pictures.

Personally I think her customized teacher name embroidery is one of the best teacher gifts I've ever seen. Sweet and something that the teacher can use as a nameplate to brighten up the room. Plus I love school supplies and it reminds me of writing in handwriting books as a kid.

There are a ton of great note cards in the shop, but I eventually settled on showing the octopus cards off. It was a close contest with the robots, but I had to go with my gut. Basically there's far too many pretty things for me to show them all off, so do yourself a favor and go check it all out for yourself!