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Wordless Wednesday


Manic Monday: Naomi


I hope you'll forgive me if I focus on the visuals with this shop. The truth is I don't think I need to say anything. Naomi has some of the most beautiful vintage-inspired clothes on One Avian Daemon that I've seen out there - and Etsy's got some gorgeous examples.

So I think I'd like to let her stunning work speak for itself. I'm just hoping to hit the lottery and buy her shop out soon. And how awesome are the product shots? Gah!

Vivid Vintage Treasury

I've put together a brand new treasury full of fun, vibrant vintage items. Since I like alliteration, it's called Vivid Vintage! Please stop by and let me and all the artists included know what you think :)

Fab Friday

I am trying out a brand new feature: Fab Friday! I'm going to try, once a month, to put together an outfit using items from Tacky Fab (and sometimes my other shops or other Etsy folks) to show folks how versatile and fun the stuff is.

Credits for this week's Fab Friday:
Earrings: Punk Princess Dangly Black Earrings by Wilde Designs
Necklace: Black Bead Necklace with Loop by Tacky Fab
Bag: Partners Black Leather Bag by Tacky Fab
Shoes: Black Peep Toe Heel Shoe by mykashoes
Stock model: Stock.XCHNG


I am proud to announce a brand new section on Power Ups - LOLtastic! Currently I'm working with mostly LOLcats and other critters, but this is also where any artwork inspired by internet crazes and such will go. So if I ever find a great use for a double rainbow? You'll find it there!

Wordless Wednesday

Hugh laurie, originally uploaded by brightvette09.

Manic Monday: Joyce

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Happy Cloud Moments is filled with beautiful, sparkling, bright, HAPPY items. I had a very, very hard time narrowing down which items to use pictures from with Joyce's shops. Her photography is stunning, and every item was something new and cool.

I was taken with almost every one of her Swarovski star pieces, but this one caught my eye especially. Cute, clever, and it tells a lovely story. As with Joyce's other pieces, it shows a wonderful mixture of playfulness and class that lights up the shop.

Not enough for you? Then visit her supply shop for more cute than you can handle. Again I found that narrowing it down was tough... until I saw this little chihuahua. How could I not pick that little face?

Customer Satisfaction

Tour complete! Please click on the photo's note to take the online FIG survey, originally uploaded by odegaard library.
That is the name of the game, after all! I like to see my customers - and potential customers - happy. Please help me out by taking a moment to go through this survey and give me your thoughts. I want to know what you think about where the shops are now and where they can go in the future.

Take the Survey!

Favorites Friday

It's Favorites Friday again! I'm sharing some of my handmade items on sale - what are yours?

Wordless Wednesday

Angry Pasta, originally uploaded by mrwalker.

Manic Monday: Kirameku

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So when "funky" and "sparkly" were both in the shop description, I knew I'd come to the right place. I must be part bird because I can't resist shiny objects.

Kirameku offers plenty of those. The jewelry is unique and bold without edging into tacky territory. Instead everything seems to have a wonderful voice of its own. The rings especially stood out as being full of personality.

As much as I love the rings (it was hard not to fill this post with pictures of just them), there are also cute necklaces and other lovely miscellaneous items scattered throughout the shop. Check out the gorgeously sparkly, dangly heart earrings. If you're looking for a touch of funky, feminine spirit in your wardrobe, this is a great place to grab it!

Master To Do List of Doom

This is as much for me as you guys. I have tons of stuff I want to do, and I need to keep track of it someplace... so here it is in all it's scary glory: my shop to do list! If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to throw them out. I'm always open to new ideas!

list new original art on Wilde Designs - startedlist magnets with prints and photospost $1 jewelry deals on Wilde Designs - startedpick a few background colors for photos for each shopretake shop photos as neededput up new/retaken item photosretouch prints and photos for salepost retouched photos and printsmake new Wilde Designs product cards/tagsmake new glass magnet setsfinish photographing vintage items for Tacky Fabfinish listing vintage items for Tacky Fab - startedmake more sparkly resin hearts for Wilde Designsmake more duct tape wallets for Power Upsmake Punk Princess logoput up more Barbie Murders collectionsput up Vanishing Texas collectionsput up more Baker Hotel shotsdesign & add more Wilde items…

One Word Wednesday: Rain

After the rain I, originally uploaded by emiguez.

Manic Monday: Margo's Originals

Margo's Originals

If you are in the market for classy, upscale jewelry at some very reasonable prices, this is a great shop to start in. Margo's pieces would be at home with a business suit, a sparkly dress, or a full-on wedding extravaganza.

There are also perfect gift pieces with several options that can be personalized with the names of friends, children, significant others, or even pets.

I love jewelry that shows up without being garish or tacky. Margo's items fit this bill nicely. Every piece is tasteful but has a little extra something to make it stand out with your favorite outfit. So grab yourself a little somethin' somethin' from this lovely shop!