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One Word Wednesday: Coffee

051/365 - Hot White Chocolate Mocha, originally uploaded by omgayeo.

Manic Monday: Fuzzington

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This is where cute lives. I dare you to walk through the wonderfully fuzzy world of this shop and not fall utterly in love with Fuzzington's pipe cleaner creations. (Aside: MINI YODA! OMG!)

There are critters and seasonal items and jewelry. Basically if you need the perfect perfectly adorable gift for someone? This is the place to shop.

Fuzzington will even make a custom critter based on your pet! What could be a cutter gift for your favorite animal lover? Nothing - so grab one!

Favorites Friday

These are my vintage (okay, the TARDIS isn't vintage, I just added the fav from the wrong shop... so sue me! lol) finds for this Friday :D

New Print Sizes!

Merry X-Terminate, originally uploaded by wildemoon. I am pleased to announce that based on the poll and the amazing feedback from all of you (thank you thank you thank you!), all of my shops will soon be offering 5x7 prints instead of 4x6. I will also be changing prints that are currently 8.5x11 to 8x10 to make for easier framing for all of you guys! Postcards will continue to come in the standard 4x6 size, and I'll be adding more of those just in time for the holidays.

It may take me a day or two to get all the prints changed over, but I wanted all of my rockin' blog readers to be the first to know. Thank you so much for all your help in deciding where to go with the sizes and such on this!

Manic Monday: Erin MacMahon

Erin MacMahon
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Erin's shop is filled with lovely, handcrafted jewelry that looks every bit as upscale as something you'd buy in a boutique.

The pieces are filled with personality and expertly finished. Erin's jewelry carries a lovely vintage flair that adds nicely to its charm.

Though it's listed as being seasonal, I'd personally wear this gorgeous black moon necklace any time of the year. Witchy and wonderful!

Day 5

Not the best picture of me, but my new tat looks great!
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Manic Monday: Renee

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Need to get some cute new accessories to prepare for winter? I have the perfect shop for you! Renee makes lovely, high quality crocheted items with a great sense of style.

While I admit to not usually being a fan of  fingerless glove outside of 80s videos, these are so cute even I'm sold. They come in a wide range of colors and in styles from plain to pairs adorned with cute flowers like the lovely set shown here.

The pretty flowers also adorn Renee's scarves and headbands, adding the perfect feminine flair when you're having to hide the rest of your body against the elements. Add some extra kick to your winter wardrobe with these flirty crochet essentials!

Dax And Worf Wedding on DS9

Klingons may fight hard, but they're ultimately sappy, romantic bastards. So there.

Wordless Wednesday

Pacman Groom's Cake, originally uploaded by Obajoo.

Manic Monday: Jen & Jon Davis

Jen & Jon Davis
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How could I not love Jen, who is a fellow graphic designer by day and crafter in her off hours. She's supported by her husband (also a familiar tale), and... well, basically just plain makes rockin' stuff.

Variety is the spice of life, and this shop is plenty spicey. There is everything from custom chalk boards to jewelry to reinvented vintage goods to original paintings. Don't try to lie and tell me you don't want the robot because I KNOW you do.

I'd say it's a great place to get gifts - and it is! - but with this much great stuff at such low prices? You're going to want to get yourself a little something too.

Print-y Goodness

I'm considering changing up what sizes of prints I offer for my photos and illustrations. Before I make any alterations, I really want to know what YOU think.
What size of print do you prefer/like to buy?