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Manic Monday: Melissa Curran

Melissa Curran of Beaded Relics
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Melissa's Beaded Relics shop presents us with yet another gorgeous place to go for holiday gifts. Her handmade jewelry looks better than anything you could find in a department store, and it's a lot more unique.

Even better? A lot of pieces are on sale, so it's a wonderful time to pick up an enchanting necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings for yourself or someone else on your list.

The shop may not be stuffed to the gills, but the pieces that are there each have a wonderful personality all their own. Take advantage of the holiday sale and treat yourself by looking through Melissa's lovely pieces!

Wordless Wednesday

Robbie Williams, originally uploaded by ImGump.

Manic Monday: Finding Charm

Finding Charm
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Many of you have been reading these for awhile (yay, you!), and you already know that I like shiny objects. I also like jewelry with some vintage sensibility. I also like... oh, hell, I just like pretty things.

Finding Charm has plenty of pretty things no matter what your style. Some of their items are simple and classic for those who prefer not to be too flashy. Others, like this lovely blue ring, definitely have some pop and impact.

Like boho chic? Classic black and white? Need something to spice up your glasses? Yep, they have it ALL. This is a perfect place to do some Christmas shopping since there really is a piece for just about every style you can imagine.

Favorites Friday

I know I still owe you guys a rundown of how the hubby and I made the new rack for my paintings - and you'll get it! For now? Favorites Friday -

Wordless Wednesday

Zombie Cupcake Necklace, originally uploaded by beatblack.

Manic Monday: David Webb

David Webb
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It's always fun to be able to review something completely different. In this case, different means a shop full of original artwork.

David of Graphic Web produces everything from fantasy to horror to gorgeous every day scenes. You can purchase prints, original art and even lovely bookmarks featuring his work.

I love seeing fine artists on Etsy since the focus tends to be on hand crafting much of the time, and sometimes the general public isn't aware that there are so many artists struggling in Etsy's ranks too. Do yourself a favor and stop by David's shop to start off your Etsy art odyssey!

Wordless Wednesday

Golden Tree, originally uploaded by Cecca (Franny B).

Manic Monday Features for 2011

SLOTS ARE CLOSED until further notice while I figure out how the schedule will work post baby :)

It's actually quite easy to get yourself a spot in Manic Monday. Just follow these simple guidelines and you too can have a feature that is read by hundreds of people and has been a blog staple here almost as long as there's been a blog. This is a great opportunity for exposure for any artists, crafters, and other creative types who need a little extra visibility.

I am pregnant with my first kiddo right now and due in September, so I'm currently only scheduling a limited number of features.

You must not have been previously featured on Manic Monday. Sorry, but since it is a free plug for the featured folks, I don't think it's fair to others to allow doubling up.You must reply to this post with all links you want featured. My suggestions would be any or all of the following: Etsy/Artfire/etc. shop link, Twitter, blog, Facebook fan page, Flickr page, etc.Please be…

Manic Monday: charmed.

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If you're looking for accessories that are stylish and adorable, this is the perfect shop for you to check out. Each item is stylish and has plenty of personality.

I am especially drawn to the wrap bracelets since bracelets are one of my favorite ways to add some color and style to an outfit without being uncomfortable. Some options are clean and modern while some feature plenty of funky charms perfectly tailored to catch anyone's attention.

And don't worry - there are gorgeous necklace options for those of you who aren't down with bracelets. Then again? With wrist wrappings this pretty, I think anyone can be persuaded.

Favorites Friday

Today felt like a good day for geeking out. Will Wheaton's my Hottie of the Week, so here's some geeky favorites! What are your favorite geek items for sale out there?

Manic Monday: Rachel

Rachel of Nice Rakc
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This is one of those things where the name enough is enough to sell it.  With the tagline "Everyone Loves a Nice Rakc," there's really no way to lose here. And you won't. The product definitely lives up to the hype and humor of the name.

These one of a kind bags? They're adorable. Stylish, fun, funky, unique... Rachel makes most of the bags from thrift store finds, which means that not only are these awesome to look at, they're environmentally friendly. Double YAY!

Not into bags? That's fine. She's also got a nice little selection of funky jewelry that will go perfectly with your bag. Yeah, I KNOW you'll change your mind about the bag. The Naughty Librarian bracelet here happens to be my fave, but you're not going to go wrong. Even with a nice dose of edge and humor, the jewelry is also all chic and very wearable.