Manic Monday: Rachel

Rachel of Nice Rakc
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This is one of those things where the name enough is enough to sell it.  With the tagline "Everyone Loves a Nice Rakc," there's really no way to lose here. And you won't. The product definitely lives up to the hype and humor of the name.

These one of a kind bags? They're adorable. Stylish, fun, funky, unique... Rachel makes most of the bags from thrift store finds, which means that not only are these awesome to look at, they're environmentally friendly. Double YAY!

Not into bags? That's fine. She's also got a nice little selection of funky jewelry that will go perfectly with your bag. Yeah, I KNOW you'll change your mind about the bag. The Naughty Librarian bracelet here happens to be my fave, but you're not going to go wrong. Even with a nice dose of edge and humor, the jewelry is also all chic and very wearable.