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New Thank You Cards

All made from old birthday, Christmas and other cards. Yay recycling! I love being able to use the cards (yes, I do keep and store some because I'm sentimental like that) instead of throwing them out, plus it gives a unique touch to orders. I like being able to share myself with people, and every thank you card in every order is a little piece of me - a card I got when I was a kid, a leftover Valentine, a clipping from a calendar. It's fun for me, and, hopefully, fun for the folks who buy from me :D

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D.I.Y Bunny Ornaments, Soda Can Ornaments, and StarBucks Snowflake

I haven't tried these yet, but I'm planning on it. AWESOME!

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Manic Monday Feature: izabelaitsme

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Your Christmas shopping is done. You just took a big breath, Irished up some egg nog, and you're ready to rest. Now is the time to prop up your laptop and get YOURSELF a little treat. I have the perfect place!

Izabela runs two shops featuring gorgeous crochet creations of all kinds. There's cute, there's kid-friendly, and there's some stunning, vibrant, delicate jewelry that just happens to be my very favorite section. Go on and look - it'll be yours too ;)

Izabela has the honor of being the very last Manic Monday feature until the new ones start in February! Check out the link on the upper lefthand side of the blog if you're interested in having one yourself. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season, enjoy your celebrations (whatever they may be), and get some rest!

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Manic Monday: Little Snowflakes

Little Snowflakes
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This is the perfect shop for the holidays. No, really. Take a second to go look at the shop before you even read this.

Frankly, I think that once you've seen the goodies there, I hardly need to say anything at all. There's fudge, cookies (even neat customizable ones), chocolates, Christmas mice (how CUTE are they?!).

Can't decide what to get for yourself or your friends? Grab a gift certificate. Anybody would be thrilled to have one (that's a hint for those of you who don't know what to get me. just sayin'.). Bonus? The shop owner's a fellow Texan!

One Word Wednesday: Murloc

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Manic Monday: Tracy

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This time of year, everybody is looking for stocking stuffers. Thankfully Tracy Designs has quite a few items that will satisfy that need perfectly - and cheaply! My personal favorite is this set of "Be a Man" coasters. Hilarious!

She has key fobs of pretty much any shape and description you could want. There's girly, cute, childlike, and even some military themed fobs for those in the service.

Or maybe you need something to use AS a stocking? Check out this adorable tote bag with a kid-friendly western theme! There's no reason not to use something that can be cute and functional all year round. Check out Tracy's shop for more fun and more goodies that won't kill your wallet while they fill up the space under your tree.

Painting Storage - Shelf Redesign

This is a project that's been a long time coming. I've wanted a nice way to store all my paintings on canvas and canvas board which have previously just been shoved haphazardly into the closet int he guest room. Yeah, I know, LAZY. And it was.

So together my husband and I finally came up with a plan. We would take some of our wire shelves (shown here) and zip tie in board with holes in it. Thanks to Sassy, I know that's peg board. [insert sage nod here] Easy, quick, cheap, and it would allow me to have different sections for different sizes of paintings. Win!

We measured it all out and got the boards cut at Lowes since we don't really have the garage set up and power tools bought for my hubby yet. It's part of the plan. Honest! We already had the shelves set up and ready, so then it was a lot of finger-breaking attachment of zip ties. Those little plastic bastards HURT after awhile.

But y'know what? The pain was worth it. Now my paintings are all stored beaut…

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