Manic Monday Feature: izabelaitsme

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Your Christmas shopping is done. You just took a big breath, Irished up some egg nog, and you're ready to rest. Now is the time to prop up your laptop and get YOURSELF a little treat. I have the perfect place!

Izabela runs two shops featuring gorgeous crochet creations of all kinds. There's cute, there's kid-friendly, and there's some stunning, vibrant, delicate jewelry that just happens to be my very favorite section. Go on and look - it'll be yours too ;)

Izabela has the honor of being the very last Manic Monday feature until the new ones start in February! Check out the link on the upper lefthand side of the blog if you're interested in having one yourself. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season, enjoy your celebrations (whatever they may be), and get some rest!