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Fab Friday

I had an impulsive desire to make a blog post, so... Fab Friday #2 is here! Today it's a fun Valentine's Day look with a mix of vintage and handmade goodies.

Dress: Vintage ROSE RED 1950s Shirtwaist Dress With Collar by blueberrydeluxe
Hair Clip: pink cluster hair clip by emilymaysparks
Ring: Gold Wrap Ring Size 9.5 by TackyFab
Shoes: Vintage 80s RED Slingback HEEL Pump by starletvintage
Lipstick: Pomegranate Pucker Lip Tint - Warm Red Lip Gloss by BLsoaps
Eye Shadow: Peppermint - Pure Organic Mineral Eye Color by Orglamix

One Word Wednesday: Cute

SqueakySun's Octopus, originally uploaded by loveandasandwich.

Lazy January

LAZY LAZY, originally uploaded by ✿VishakhaJindal✿. I hope you're all enjoyed the holiday season. While I'm sure it's boring as anything for you guys, I'm also enjoying my holiday blog break. I have some AMAZING Manic Monday scheduled starting in February, so there is a lot to look forward too. You can check the link in the upper lefthand corner if you're interested in getting one for yourself. You can even give away goodies if you care too. Oooooo!

In the meantime? Keep resting at least as much as your life and work allow and let your creative juices have some time to build :)

Whadya Wanna Know?

How to make your favorite cuppa, originally uploaded by C.S. Chan. I'd love to do some crafting/art/etsy/facebook/etc. tutorials in the new year, so I figured I'd find out what you want to see. What would help you? What don't you know that you'd like to know more about? Business? Pleasure? Painting? Have a specific question about Facebook or Twitter or something? I'd loooove to know!

Wordless Wednesday

Bella chihuahua bunny, originally uploaded by arietistar.