Manic Monday: Moe

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First off, our winner from last week's awesome giveaway is : Megan! The Halloween Queen will be in touch with you about your win soon :)

What got you started with selling online? What inspired you to put yourself out there?
I got started selling online in about 2006.  I wanted to make handmade, crocheted hats & scarves available to a handmade market.  I realized that the hats I made were comparable to the ones sold at chain stores but I liked the idea of the hand of the artist giving the hat directly to the buyer.  Not it being mass made in another country. I also got loads of compliments on wearing my own hats!

What is your absolute favorite piece in your shop(s)?
My favorite piece in my shop is the Retro Yellow Pom Hat.  I love that it reminds me of ice skating & the pom on top!

What's the most important thing that you've learned through your experience selling and promoting yourself online?
I've learned that you have to promote yourself. No one knows you are there if you don't tell him.  I've learned that blogging has a lot to do with it.  One needs to post in like forums, post in etsy, update often, offer giveaways & free tutorials, & overall inspire your readership.  I wanted to start blogs to promote etsy but it's grown into its own entity.  I still promote, but I love inspiring others.  Thats why I separated my craft/art blog from my design/decor/style blog.  I didn't want to over load a blog in a day!

What is your favorite quote (funny, inspirational - anything!)?
My favorite quote goes something like "when faced with two choices, flip a coin. It works not because you settle the question but because in that instant, you know exactly which one you were hoping for" I also don't take life too seriously.  I've realized that after 23 year of life it's important to do what you want to do!