Manic Monday SALE

Due to lack of applicants for this week's feature, I decided to run a sale instead. If you're interested in being featured (only a few more slots left for the year since I'll be going on baby hiatus), click the link on the upper lefthand side of the blog!

Meanwhile, check out my shops and enjoy 10% off your order at any of them! It's a little thank you from me to you for everyone who has purchased lately (or ever, really). It's a huge help in saving up for our first kiddo (due September 26), and I've already used Etsy earnings to help pay for doctor bills, baby stuff and more. My office gives FMLA leave but no maternity leave, so I'll be out of the office for three months and only paid for one of those through my sick and vacation time. Every little bit makes a HUGE difference for our family, and you guys are amazing for being part of making it work for us!

Without further ado... the codes!
Wilde Designs - WILDEMOM
Tacky Fab - TACKYMOM
Power Ups - GEEKMOM