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Giveaway Reminder

Open until September 5!
Isabel is generously giving one of our readers a set of her Pretty Little Ladies cards:
"Pretty Little Ladies" Postcards are of my original illustration, professionally printed on Premium, 80 lb. (215 gsm) card stock. They measure 5.47" x 4.21" inches (postcard) and come in a pack of 10 (2 of each illustration) with envelopes included. Set includes 10 cards of "PRETTY LITTLE LADIES COLLECTION" illustrations.

To enter, just do one or all of the following and leave a separate comment for each entry. Be sure to leave an email address so that we are able to contact you if you win! Winners will be drawn & announced on September 5, 2011!

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Preview... ish

YaoiCon2010Day2-121, originally uploaded by RattMice.
Okay, I'd intended to find a real Doctor Horrible picture to tease you guys about my next set of bookmarks. Guess what they'll be? But then I found this series of pictures from Yaoi Con and couldn't resist sharing these instead. I'm easily distracted.

Etsy Favorites Sale

I'd started a campaign of sending out coupon codes to folks who put my items on their favorites. I'd had a seller do it for me before and thought it was super awesome. Apparently not everyone agreed with that, though, and one of the messages was reported to Etsy as unsolicited mail :\ I don't necessarily agree, and I'm bummed that I can't offer the codes the same way now since most people were enthusiastic and happy about getting them, but...

Rather than sweat it, I've decided to offer the codes to everyone so that EVERYONE can grab their favorites from my shops at 10% off. Because I love you guys. You rock, and you deserve it. So here are the codes. Use them, enjoy them, share them around!

Wilde Designs - WILDEFAV
Power Ups - PUFAV
Tacky Fab - TACKYFAV

Manic Monday + GIVEAWAY: Monellisa

Isabel of Monellisa
Etsy | Facebook | Site

My name is Isabel Monell I'm a 26 year old from Virginia Beach and I love creating unique pieces of art. I know that my talent was a gift given to me so I could create wonderful art to share with others is the fulfillment of my dream. I'm an artistand hold a Bachelor Degree in Studio Art from Old Dominion University. I love painting. I have several years of experience with painting pottery, as well as working with acrylic, oil, and watercolor creations. Because I love creating I'm always exploring different mediums and seeing where it leads me...

Why did you start your business?
I love creating and I wanted to share that love with the world, at least the Etsy world. I was given the nickname Monellisa from one of my friends a while ago. So when I started my artwork seriously I thought it would be a catchy name for my shop.

Which item in your shop did you enjoy making the most and why?
My favorite piece is Rain, Rain Go A…

Garbage - Androgyny


Watch This Space!

Now that I'm getting my time back under control a little, things will be normalizing, and I will be posting again, at least as much as I'm able. Coming up on Monday, we'll have an AWESOME giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to enter!

I'll also be hosting a giveaway at My Little Noob soon as a thank you to everyone for being so wonderful and supportive while we've been dealing with everything surrounding Pike's birth :)

And the Winners Are...

Thank you all again for your patience! I'm finally out of the hospital, and I'm trying to get the show back on the road while we wait for our son to join us here at home.

It makes me very, very happy to announce that the winners of Liz's amazing giveaway (with thanks to are eclaire and rabkina! I'll be forwarding your information on to Liz so that she can arrange shipment of your winnings to you. Congratulations!


Cross-posting this to most of my blogs, so forgive repetition.

For those of you who read my husband Wes' entry about Pike's birth, you already know that things are off to a strange start for us. We're lucky that I'm in relatively good shape recovering from the c-section and that Pike is lucky enough to be in a neonatal unit with really wonderful staff. The downside is how this affects our budget, our work schedules and, well, all the plans we've made about most of this. Really good plans were made to be broken, right?

Since it has left us in a rough spot, we're putting this button up. If you can help us with our medical expenses, which will range from the care flight I had to take to Pike's time in the nicu (which he's not likely to come home with us from until close to his original due date in late September) to renting a hospital grade pump so I can get him milk... well, we'd be grateful. I'm not huge on begging for cash, but right now I'm…

Giveaway Reminder! Just 4 Days Left!

Liz of After Your Heart Designs is giving away two different items! You have a chance at a Star Wars postcard & magnet set or a t-shirt in either men's size small or XL.

There are several options to win, so do one or all of these and leave a separate comment for each. On August 8, I will use a random number generator to choose the winner! Remember, be sure to leave a comment after doing any of the suggestions below so that we know how many entries you get! Also be sure to include your email so that I know how to contact you if you win. Visit Liz's shop and tell us your favorite itemBecome a fan of After Your Heart Designs on FacebookFollow this blog via Google Friend Connect or by subscribingFollow me on TwitterBecome a Wilde Designs fan on Facebook

Manic Monday: Bad Cat Jewelry

Bad Cat Jewelry
Etsy | Twitter | Facebook

What got you started with selling online? What inspired you to put yourself out there?
I started out selling jewelry as a way to make donations to Specially for Children in Austin, Texas in honor of our friends' daughter who was diagnosed with brain cancer (survivor). They were in Texas, we were in Virginia and I had no way to physically help them.

What is your absolute favorite piece in your shop?
 It's usually one of the last pieces I make. But I am still in love with this, several weeks after its creation:

What's the most important thing that you've learned through your experience selling and promoting yourself online?
Don't give up. Be true to yourself.

What is your favorite quote? 
To thine own self be true: Shakespeare. Ties in with the last question, but I say it to myself over and over.

Giveaway Reminder!
Liz of After Your Heart Designs is gi…