Etsy Favorites Sale

I'd started a campaign of sending out coupon codes to folks who put my items on their favorites. I'd had a seller do it for me before and thought it was super awesome. Apparently not everyone agreed with that, though, and one of the messages was reported to Etsy as unsolicited mail :\ I don't necessarily agree, and I'm bummed that I can't offer the codes the same way now since most people were enthusiastic and happy about getting them, but...

Rather than sweat it, I've decided to offer the codes to everyone so that EVERYONE can grab their favorites from my shops at 10% off. Because I love you guys. You rock, and you deserve it. So here are the codes. Use them, enjoy them, share them around!

Wilde Designs - WILDEFAV
Power Ups - PUFAV
Tacky Fab - TACKYFAV