Nursery Goodness

We worked hard on getting Pike's nursery ready (click here to read about his birth if you're interested), and I just realized I never shared it with all of you. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take before and after images, but hopefully my descriptions will help. If you're curious about how we did anything I mention, just ask!

We managed to get a great deal on a great dresser through Craigslist. Not only is it a cute dresser, it has a topper for a changing table. You just flip that shelf-looking part down and you've got plenty of room for the changing pad and the junk you need to change the baby. We painted the honey-colored dresser blue to go with the underwater theme (when I say "we," I mean my husband). We left the changing topper since that's going to be temporary and will be removed (yep, it comes off - win!) when Pike gets older. We then got some vinyl decals at this shop on Etsy and put little swimming fish on it.

This view shows the crib (also a Craigslist find) and some of the other decals that we put up. Under the crib, we stashed his whale tub (a gift from a sweet friend whose daughter had outgrown it).

We got this glider at a garage sale, and I found some cushions on Amazon. The footstool came with it, but I hated the faux fur covering. I bought some cute whale print fabric and recovered it with Wes' help. Voila! The shelf and table are from IKEA, and the little storage ottoman is from Walmart.

And that's the story! We kept the cost down and ended up with (I think) a really adorable nursery for Pike to come home to.