Manic Monday: Maiden Jane

Maiden Jane
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My T Shirt quilts are my favorite item.  I have made a ton of them - initially for high school graduates.  Since then I have made quite a few memory quilts.  I find that it is quite moving to be working with very tangible pieces of someone's life.  In one case it was tees from a 12 year old boy.  In another, a young husband.  Recently, tees from dads and husbands to be given as gifts to spouses and children.  I love the idea that the T Shirt quilt becomes a practical item and I envision the customer wrapping themselves up in the memory of a loved one.

People are most inspirational to me.  I love to read biographies and true-life stories - especially survival stories.  I'm intrigued by the determination of the human spirit, leadership skills and, overall, the extraordinary lives or ordinary people.  Some books/people that I have been inspired by:  Shackleton (Endurance), A Beautiful Mind, The Soloist, Shadow Divers, The Book of Mychal. Truman & John Adams (McCullough) to name a few.

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. ~ C. S. Lewis

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