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Manic Monday: Shaina of Smree

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My favorite item changes pretty frequently, but right now its this: 
Love Song Quilted Ball Ornament
I just recently learned to make these ornaments, and I love how fun and funky they are when you use bright colors and designs. This one is especially colorful, and I adore the combination of the blues and pink together!
I think inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and I think it varies from day to day. One day a song on the radio will be the thing to inspire me to greatness, while another day it may be the way the sunlight hits the trees. I've been hit with some of my greatest ideas while doing something as mundane as blow-drying my hair. So its difficult to pin down what is most inspirational, when it changes so frequently! 
I believe its best if one just keeps looking and searching, because the inspiration is there - you just gotta find it!
"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and …

Get Carded

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Manic Monday: Paola of Fattidame

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I love all my strange creatures, but as everyone I have also a favorite: It's Teo, my funny scotty dog. He left for United States and I know that he's found very well in his new house ;)
I'm inspired by my three cats, nature and everything around me!
"Love the little things of everyday" This quote is mine ;)
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Happy V-Day

Valentine's isn't everyone's favorite holiday, but hopefully this will help. From February 1 - February 15, you can get 15% off EVERYTHING at Wilde Designs using coupon code WildeValentine at checkout. That's right - EVERYTHING. Prints, jewelry, vintage stuff... all of it. You want it cheap? You got it. So grab your favorites before they're gone and spread the word! Romance is overrated - consumerism is totally where it's at. Visit Wilde Designs right now!