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Wordless Wednesday

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Manic Monday: Erin Dubrow

Erin Dubrow of perles de verreShop | Facebook
I wear a bracelet almost everyday and love when they move with me! I espacially love this one 
But really, I love any bracelet. 
My family. If I have half my father's work ethic and half my mother's sense of humor and just a few ounces of their marriage I know that one day I will reflect on my life as being a success. 
Kids. Kids are not afraid and that is inspirational. Not afraid to create, mix colors, mix media, break the rules, and they do it all with a smile! 
Experienced lampwork artists, I look at their designs often to try to improve my own designs and work. I often add them to my circles on etsy or favorite their work or shop. So, that I can see their latest work and in order to promote other artists in the same profession. 
I love my life! I guess that is because I am an optimist at heart! I just have to believe that everything will work out for the …

Manic Monday: Scrollwork

Swoosh by ScrollworkShop | Blog | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube
Tangerine Tango Cabaret Slip Dress
This was an ambitious sewing project for someone like me. I was just beginning to learn to sew when I made this. It pretty much captures how I fling myself into the air and somehow find that a net appears. Every job I've had—newspaper reporter, speechwriter, desktop publisher, ballroom dance teacher, and now clothing designer—has come to me without previous experience.
Color inspires me. I'm actually color blind to the nuances of gray and green. When I see art in a different medium I want to interpret the colors in fabric. I have to remind myself to make little notes about why I'm saving an image to my inspiration folder. If I don't, I wonder what I was thinking!
"She wasn't where she had been, she wasn't where she was going, but she was on her way." — Jodi Hills

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Productivity Push

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Alright, it's time for a productivity push. I need to get things DONE! No, seriously, I do. I think the top contenders right now are:

• list new items
• rephotograph most items (groan!)
• update meta keywords so the site is easier to search
• fix the sections on the site for better organization (thankfully with my hubby's help)
• design more cards both with artistic images & occasion-specific designs
• print and laminate bookmarks, then list them

So what are the top things lingering on your to do list that need to get to-done?

Item Recommendation: FawnMaternity's Nursing Pads

To all the new moms/potential moms/etc. out there... you need these. By these, I mean the reusable nursing covers from FawnMaternity on Etsy.  Not only are they cute (hey, you're breastfeeding - that's hard - you deserve cute!), but they're comfy to boot. And instead of making ridiculous amounts of waste with the disposables, I'm doing something a little more eco-friendly. I feel like a better person already! No kiddos of your own? If you've got a friend or family member planning to breastfeed, get 'em some. You won't regret it!

Manic Monday: Paula the Scarf Lady

Paula of The Scarf LadyShop | Blog | Twitter | Facebook
Right now, it would my 100% Silk Vintage Japanese Kimono Infinity Collection... Some of them are well over 50 years old! It's very cool to own a little piece of history like that! (& a pretty one at that!)
I get inspired by looking at various fabrics and coming up with ideas for a unique project. I really love to use vintage fabric or make a regular old scarf someone gave away into an updated one for someone to love <3
Wow...I have so many...but here is one of my favs of late:
"What we have done for ourselves dies with us,but what we have done for others remains forever.We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
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