Manic Monday: Erin Dubrow

Erin Dubrow of perles de verre
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I wear a bracelet almost everyday and love when they move with me! I espacially love this one 

But really, I love any bracelet. 

My family. If I have half my father's work ethic and half my mother's sense of humor and just a few ounces of their marriage I know that one day I will reflect on my life as being a success. 

Kids. Kids are not afraid and that is inspirational. Not afraid to create, mix colors, mix media, break the rules, and they do it all with a smile! 

Experienced lampwork artists, I look at their designs often to try to improve my own designs and work. I often add them to my circles on etsy or favorite their work or shop. So, that I can see their latest work and in order to promote other artists in the same profession. 

I love my life! I guess that is because I am an optimist at heart! I just have to believe that everything will work out for the best if not now in the end. 

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