Manic Monday: Scrollwork

Swoosh by Scrollwork
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Tangerine Tango Cabaret Slip Dress

This was an ambitious sewing project for someone like me. I was just beginning to learn to sew when I made this. It pretty much captures how I fling myself into the air and somehow find that a net appears. Every job I've had—newspaper reporter, speechwriter, desktop publisher, ballroom dance teacher, and now clothing designer—has come to me without previous experience.

Color inspires me. I'm actually color blind to the nuances of gray and green. When I see art in a different medium I want to interpret the colors in fabric. I have to remind myself to make little notes about why I'm saving an image to my inspiration folder. If I don't, I wonder what I was thinking!

"She wasn't where she had been, she wasn't where she was going, but she was on her way." — Jodi Hills

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