Manic Monday: Kyrie Zimmerman of Peapod and Me

Kyrie Zimmerman of Peapod and Me

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My favorite things change on a daily basis.  One day I'll be channeling Jacki O, the next it will be Janis Joplin.  So as for a favorite item in my shop - today it is  this red rope scarf.  I made one for myself, & one to sell.  Yesterday, I wore mine over a dark gray concert T with a light gray over-sized cardigan and my oh-so-comfortably worn in jeans.  Perfection.

I get inspired by so many things everyday!  My brain is in constant 'go' mode.  I think what inspires me most when I'm creating things for my shop is thinking about the people who buy them, where they live, what they do during the day.  Do they need to wake up & throw something together to catch their cab?  Answer: Rope Scarf - instant fabulous-ness.  Are they getting bundled up to take their dog on a snowy walk?  Answer: Chunky cowl & earwarmer set - super warm.  A fall walk in the park with your little diva by your side? Answer: A Mommy & Me slouch hat set.  

A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous. ~Coco Chanel

I love this quote so much, I'm painting it on my daughter's bedroom wall!

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