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Lily of MyHobbyShop

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I absolutely love making newsboys hats, especially for kids. There is something so wonderful knowing that a parent loved my item enough to order it for their special little one.

I love color and get inspired by different things around me. I love the colors the change of season offer. And those often lead to ideas for new items.

But my biggest inspiration comes from my children and my husband. They have been so very supportive with my business. They are 100% honest when I asked them about design ideas and they have even given me some ideas they think would be "neat". I couldn't do what I do without my families' support.

"We do what we have to in order to do what we want."

It's our family quote. We us it to explain to our kids that sometime we don't like what we HAVE to do, but its necessary to be able to do the things we WANT to do.

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